Thesis supervisor accused of wanting sex for grade

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A senior female student at the Tay Nguyen University in Dak Lak Province has accused her teacher of demanding sex from her in return for a high grade in the graduation thesis.

But the respected university lecturer claimed that his wife did it.

C.T.D., a major of Economics and Business Administration Department, has sent a complaint to relevant agencies to accuse her thesis supervisor T.X.N.

D. wrote that N. often sent her text messages on the mobile phone to seduce her.

During the past month, D received 6-7 text messages everyday from phone number 0163213…, which she said is N’s number.

One of the messages reads, “I wish to have a long relationship with you, but if you don’t like it, then it’s up to you.”

In another message, N. allegedly texted, “I expect to meet you, why are you so indifferent?”

D. also showed a message in which N. boldly suggested, “Let’s go to a hotel. You will feel at ease after your first try.”

D. said she had not answered all the messages.


Eventually, when the deadline for submitting her thesis came near, D received many messages from the phone number, some of which reads, “I won’t correct your thesis any more. Do it yourself!”, “Do not think your thesis has been complete, but it will depend on your attitude.” and “This is the last chance. You must have a definite action.”

“Let’s meet at a hotel tomorrow night, right!”, another message reads.

On June 22, D. received a striking message that set 7 pm the next day as the deadline for her to meet N. at a hotel.

After reading the “ultimatum”, N. lodged the complaint.

D. said that one of her classmates, H., was also asked for sex from N. but H. did not dare denounce N as she was afraid of facing difficulties in doing her thesis.

My wife did it

N. confirmed with Ho Chi Minh City’s Phap Luat (Law) that the number 0163213… is his, but he said that his wife did it to test his students’ reactions and his faithfulness.

“Let me ask my family members about that,” he said.

Yesterday afternoon, Nguyen Xuan Thao, headmaster of the university, told the newspaper that the school has yet to receive a complaint from D.

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