The wonder of music

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The wonder of music

12-year-old pianist Truong The Vinh’s parents never thought music would save their son.

vinh Nguyen The Vinh

Vinh, who amazed audiences with his 20-minute performance that opened the Haydn Night concert by the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra held at the Hanoi Opera House on January 11, used to be indifferent to everything.

At 3, he developed symptoms of deafness and was not interested in things around him although at 2, he enjoyed singing.

Though he was treated by many doctors, Vinh didn’t get better until one day, the little boy listened to his older sister play the organ and was instantly interested.

Afterwards he learnt to play and at 4, Vinh could play a whole song with amazing concentration and inspiration. Vinh’s parents then decided to take him to musician Phu Quang.

Phu Quang tested Vinh and was very surprised with his superb memory. He then took the boy to his daughter, Trinh Huong, an instructor at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Since Vinh’s parents didn’t know music, they filmed every lesson he took with Huong so that he could practice on his own at home.

“Vinh has an sublime memory,” Huong said. “While it takes me a lot of time to teach other
kids to play with their left hands first then the right ones later then both together, Vinh just saw me play and imitate.”

Huong said it might be too early to call Vinh a genius, but she hadn’t seen any kid like him. The Haydn concert was the first time Vinh had performed for that long. “He used to play for just 5-10 minutes,” she said.

He was also the youngest pianist that the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra’s Japanese conductor Honna Tetsuji had invited to perform with the orchestra.

Vinh has won many awards including a Gold medal at the International Piano Academy Festival and Competition in Cheonan, Korea in 2010 and an Encouraging Prize at the International Piano Competition in Hanoi in the same year.

For his part, Vinh’s father is very happy simply because he can now see his son’s future. “His future is the most important thing in my life,” he said.

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