The student, who answered back to a teacher, faces heavy punishment

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The student, who answered back to a teacher, faces heavy punishment

VietNamNet Bridge – A student was found as not concentrating and talking on mobile phones with friends during the lesson hour. After the lecturer gave a warning to him, the learner quarreled with the lecturer. As a result, he has been forced to stop learning for indefinite period of time.

A 4-minute video clip showing a “battle of words” between a student and a lecturer has become the hot topic on education forums.

The student did not take notes and concentrate during the lessons, while he spent time talking through phones, which then influenced the whole class.

As the lecturer served him a warning, he fell out with the lecturer. Especially, the learner also sermonized the lecturer, who was older than him and had higher qualification than him.

The two portraits of the verbal battle were learner Le Tran Cong and lecturer Vu Van Yem, Associate Professor, PhD, Deputy Head of the Electronics and Telecommunication Institute, an arm of the Hanoi University of Technology – one of the most reputable schools in Vietnam.

Yen then ran the class of 41 learners who followed the training course to obtain master degrees.

According to Yem, when he walked to the other part of the classroom and asked students to show their viewpoints about the issues of the lesson, he found Cong talking through phones and the odor of alcohol.

Realizing that Cong did not have materials and did not take notes on the lecture, Yem gave Cong a warning. Immediately, Cong stood up and answered back.

“You must be more or less reasonable,” Cong threw a challenge.

Yem, who saw the arrogant attitude of the student, repeatedly asked the learner to go out of the class. However, Cong still stood in the class and continue quarreling.

“You don’t have the right to ask me to go out. There’s no regulation that says that I have to go out. I paid money and I have the right to study,” he said.

As Yem repeatedly requested Cong to leave the class, Cong stated: “I want to attend your teaching hour. This is my right.”

As Yem failed to ask Cong to leave, he decided to stop the teaching hours sooner than expected--for fear that the quarrel would make the lesson unsuccessful.

One day later, when meeting reporters, Cong admitted that he made a rude behavior, saying that he drank beer before going to class, which led to some uncontrollable behaviors. On the same day, as failing to call Yem, Cong sent a message to Yem apologizing for his behavior.

“Every one can make mistakes in their lives. I have realized my mistake and apologize to the lecturer for forgiveness,” he said.

Yem has told the local press that Cong came to meet him to say the apology on April 20. Yem said that he himself was so surprised with the courteous behavior of Cong, which was quite different from what he showed on the evening of April 18.

Pham Duc Vinh, Headmaster of the Hanoi Industry Vocational Junior College, where Cong is working as a lecturer, also called Yem and apologized to Yem, on behalf of Cong.

The case was believed to have come to an end after Yem agreed to allow Cong to attend the next lessons. Therefore, it was a big surprise to everyone when on April 23, the Hanoi University of Technology released a decision to suspend Cong’s study for an indefinite length of time.

Dr Nguyen Trong Giang, President of the Hanoi University of Technology, emphasized that drinking liquor is a behavior violating the rules of the school. The behavior should not be forgiven, especially when it was made by a lecturer. Therefore, Cong is not eligible for continuing studying.

The decision has raised a debate among the public. Some educators believe that quarrelling with teachers is a taboo for students. Meanwhile, Cong has complained that the punishment is too heavy for him.

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