The streams that are dieing

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The streams that are dieing

VietNamNet Bridge – The streams in Bien Hoa City of Dong Nai province are getting seriously polluted. They flow to the Dong Nai River which is the water supply source for millions of local residents.

Nearly all the streams in the city have been found as flooded with rubbish and black mud.

Streams forced to death

San Mau stream has become well known among the “black streams” of Bien Hoa City. The stream is about 6 kilometers, running zigzag through five wards of Bien Hoa city and then flows to the Dong Nai River. In the Ho Nai ward, where the stream begins, one can breathe the terrible smells from the black stream.

The stream, approximately 3-4 meters wide shows a thick black mud layer, while the water cannot go through at some stretches of stream due to too much rubbish. The same situation can be seen in all the stretches of stream in five wards of the central area of the Bien Hoa City. The poor stream is nearly dieing, because it has to receive the waste water from tens of companies and factories. Besides, it also has to bear the domestic waste water discharged from thousands of local households.

Linh stream is facing the same situation. The 5 kilometre stream runs through the wards of Long Binh, Tam Hoa, Tam Hiep and Binh Da and it also flows to the Dong Nai River. Linh was well known as a green stream in the past. Meanwhile, it is now a black stream and gives terrible smell.

Nguyen Thi Hung, a local resident of the Trang Dai ward of Bien Hoa City, said that many people now consider the stream as the place for ... defecating, while enterprises see the stream as the place where to discharge waste water to.

However, the big problem is that all the waste water rubbish is finally carried by the streams to the Dong Nai river, which is the water supply source to millions of people.

Not only San Mau and Linh, other streams are also nearly “dieing”, such as Siep, Phat, Chua Bao or Ba Lua streams. And not only the streams in the inner city, but the streams in the suburbs have also been forced to die. Nuoc Trong stream located next to the Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone in Long Thanh district, for example, has turned black.

The local residents in the communes of Tam An, Tam Phuoc and An Phuoc said that the areas have got seriously polluted, which has influenced the life of local residents: poultry die, plants cannot grow, while well water cannot be used because of the pollution

Hundreds of billions of dong and 15 years to clean rivers

In fact, the cleaning of the streams has been many times discussed by the leaders of the Dong Nai provincial authorities. 15 years ago, the provincial authorities approved a project on cleaning San Mau stream worth 330 billion dong. However, the project still remains on paper so far. According to the project’s management unit, the project implementation has been delayed due to the problems in site clearance.

Due to the mismanagement over the last many years, people have built a lot of civil construction works on the rivers of the streams which has hindered the site clearance. In October 2011, the provincial authorities gathered a lot of meeting to discuss the ways to deal with the polluted river. A project will be implemented in two stages, while the investment capital in the first stage is 80 billion dong.

The project is expected to be completed in 2013.

Linh stream was also rescued once 10 years ago, when the provincial authorities spent 30 billion dong to clean it. However, the stream still has been dieing.

Meanwhile, there has been no detailed plan to rescue the other seriously polluted streams.

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