The last flocks of golden monkeys in Hai Duong?

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The last flocks of golden monkeys in Hai Duong?

VietNamNet Bridge – At present, on Min Mountain, there are only four flocks of golden monkeys left, with 8-10 monkeys for each. Meanwhile, in the past, the mountains were the residing place for hundreds of flocks of monkeys.

The kingdom of golden monkeys on Hai Duong’s Mountain

The monkey seems to be lucky, because it has been safe with Nhi.
It’s so wonderful that in Hai Duong, a provincial with just low mountains heaving among the fields and no forests, there exists a kingdom of golden monkeys. However, ironically, though the local authorities know about the existence of the monkeys, they do not intend to protect them. Local residents fear that one day, the last monkeys here would be killed either because of the gunshots of the hunters, or because they have no more place to reside, when the mountains are demolished to serve people’s desires.

Dao Van Manh, Head of the Tu Lac hamlet, drove the reporters to a mountain gorge, called Ang Chuoi, where there is Min Mountain. This is the place where factories keep mines. Therefore, this seems to be the only place which has not been devastated for exploitation. Manh believes that the monkeys have flocked to the mountain to shelter.

Tran Thi Hien and Pham Van Nang, the couple, who lives in a small house in the cross valley, related that they began residing there in 1980s. At that time, Hien said, there were so many monkeys who ran, sang and shouted all the day on the mountain. Sometimes they flocked to her house, pick up fruits and chased chicken along the pond.

Hien affirmed that she still could see nearly ten of flocks of monkeys just several years ago, and she could remember how many monkeys there were in every flock. However, the number of monkeys has dropped dramatically.

“They do not turn up recently. They get frightened of the blasting and try to hide themselves in the cave.

The visitors to the area would have a nice surprise when seeing a monkey in a cage put on the riverside. The monkey has been grown by Hoang Van Nhi, a local resident. One year ago, the monkey lost its mother and entered his home. Nhi decided to breed the monkey for pleasure. He said the monkey entertains him and his wife every day. The monkey seems to be lucky, because it has been safe with Nhi.

Nhi, who has been living here for tens of years, said that local residents have been trying to hunt for monkeys to make monkey bone glue.

Khai and Dich were the two well-known monkey hunters. Cai has died, while Dich has left his job. They caught the monkey by setting traps.

Hoang Thi Phan, the wife of Nhi, said that she could see with her eyes a troop of monkeys swimming across the Han River to reside on the mountain in Thuy Nguyen district of Hai Phong City. However, she said, the mountain has been destroyed, therefore, the monkeys might have died.

In recent years, a group of hunters usually cross the river to Min Mountain to hunt for monkeys. The hunters do not use shotguns, but use poison to kill monkeys.

According to Nhi, Lai and his son in Thuy Nguyen District, were the biggest monkey killers. They went to the mountain, spread bananas and rice which have been poisoned on the ways the monkeys usually go.

When the monkeys get intoxicated, they always try to creep home, where there are their friends, to die. Therefore, hunters just needed to go to the homes of the monkeys to collect monkey dead bodies.

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