The hi-tech products which expect to be “hottest” in Vietnam in 2012

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The hi-tech products which expect to be “hottest” in Vietnam in 2012

VietNamNet Bridge – Ultrabook laptop, quad core chip tablet PC, the PCs using Windows 8 operation system, smart phones using Android 4.0 operation system, mirroless camera, smart phones using Windows Phone are believed to be the most wanted hi-tech products in Vietnam in 2012.

Ultrabook opens a new era for laptop

The first Ultrabooks have been introduced by Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba on the Vietnamese market. These are super-thin and super-light laptops which allow fast booting and high security, and sharp image.

The introduction of the Ultrabook has opened a new era of ultra-portable laptop. However, with the current sky high prices, they have not had any special impression on consumers.

However, the situation may change in the time to come, when a representative of Intel said with the plan to hold 40 percent of the market share in the next year, the laptops would become cheaper. If so, this would be the most important factor to turn the product into a hot product in the domestic market in 2012.

Quad core chip tablet PC

The tablet PCs which have appeared on the Vietnamese market over the last year have not helped users much in their work.

Though they are user friendly, but the tablet PCs, if compared to netbook or laptop, are still far behind in the configuration and the information processing capacity.

However, with Asus introducing Transformet Prime with strong configuration when using quad core chip Tegra 3Soc of Nvidia, Ram 1GB, people believes that the new era of tablet PC is coming.

HTC, Samsung, Acer have also said they will launch quad core chip tablet PC into the market in 2012, which would be the redoubtable rivals for netbooks and Ultrabooks as well.

Tablet PCs using Windows 8

Windows 8 was introduced by Microsoft in 2011 already. However, its strength can only be seen via tablet PCs in 2012.

Samsung has become the first technology group in the world that introduced tablet PC using Windows 8 with strong configuration when equipped with Core i5 processors Core i5-2467M 1.6 GHz, 64 GB SSD.

With Windows operation system being very popular in Vietnam, the tablet PC using Windows 8 are believed to attract users this year thanks to the familiar operation system and the good processing capacity.

Smart phones using Android 4.0

With the name Ice Cream Sandwich, the version of the Android 4.0 version of Good is believed to create a new attractiveness for the smart phones running on Android operation system.

Android 4.0 will be integrated with voice recognition feature, while the shooting software will be upgraded to allow providing better pictures.

Smart phones using Windows Phone

The first smart phones using Windows Phone of Microsoft in Vietnam have failed to attract customers, because the operation system has too few apps, does not have Vietnamese version.

However, things would be quite different in 2012. Sources said that in the second half of 2012, Microsoft would market a new version called Apolo with Vietnamese version. If so, this would be a big challenge for the smart phones run on other operation systems, because Vietnamese people have got used to Windows.

Mirroless cameras

Sony seemed to dominate the domestic mirroless camera market with NEX series in the last time. However, the situation would change when Nikon has marketed Nikon V1 and Nikon J1. Meanwhile, Canon would only launch the products in the market segment.

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