The exploits in the 2011 university enrolment season

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The exploits in the 2011 university enrolment season

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of admirable and surprising achievements were made in the last 2011 university enrolment season, which shows the great talents and intelligence of Vietnamese people.

Chu Bich Phuong

The high school class with 3 members coming first at exams

The 2011 exam season has brought pleasant surprises with a lot of examinees getting high marks at the entrance exams to universities. There were 35 students who took the exams of two different groups, either A and B, or A and D, and got 28 marks at minimum, or 9.3 marks for each exam subject.

A- group students had to take mathematics, physics and chemistry exams, B group students had to take mathematics, chemistry and biology, while D group mathematics, literature and foreign languages.

Therefore, it happened that the same students came first at the exams of two groups to different schools, and that the same classes had many members coming first at the exams to different schools.

In 2010, the 12th mathematics majoring class of the Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted in Nghe An province, witnessed an exploit when five members of the class came first at the exams to universities

In 2011, a class of the foreign language majoring high school belonging to the Hanoi National University reportedly had three students, who came first at the D-group exams to the Hanoi Foreign Trade University.

A class of Vinh Bao High School in Hai Phong City also had three students coming first at the exams. Pham Manh Truong got 29 marks, becoming the first laureate of the Hanoi University of Technology, Le Thi Thu Huong got 28 marks to enter the Hai Phong Medical University, and Nguyen Bich Hoa got 26 marks in the exams to the Forestry University.

The boy that made a hat trick

He was the student of the mathematics majoring class of the Le Khiet High School in Quang Ngai province, the last born of a large rice-grower family with five children.

Before taking the university entrance exams, Khiet, the student, came first at the high school final exams with 56 marks. After that, at the university entrance exams, he came first at the entrance exams to the HCM City branch of the Foreign Trade University with 28.5 marks, and at the entrance exams to the HCM City Medical and Pharmaceutical University with 29.25 marks.

With the hat trick, Khiet has brought fame to his poor family, and to the Quang Ngai province, the land of many talents.

The girl, who wants to become an agricultural expert

The name of Chu Bich Phuong has been introduced as the student who came first at both A and B group exams to the Agriculture University.

It would be a nice surprise to any one that Phuong was once the examinee of the last year exam season, when Phuong passed the exams to the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. However, after one year of studying at the most desired school, Phuong decided to give up the school and sit the exams to the agriculture school, though agriculture proves to be not the wanted major of students.

Phuong said that biology is always her favorite subject, and she wants to study at the agriculture school because this allows her to pursue her passion. She has also affirmed that agriculture is the science which is in no way less attractive than economics.

The poor girl who got 9.5 marks in history

While thousands of examinees reportedly got zero for the history exam, Ton Nu Thuy Linh, a student from the Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, got 9.5 marks for the hard subject.

Linh said every day, she had to travel 30 kilometers to the school. She always loves to learn about the civilizations, the histories and she loves Vietnamese documentary films.

As such, the educators, who ring the alarm bell over the decreases of the number of people studying history, still can find a student who is very good at history and loves history.

Anh Tho

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