The age of educational cheap products

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The age of educational cheap products

Like food, drinks and consumer goods for daily life, educational products have become the “popular goods” available everywhere, especially on online markets with offered attractive discounts.

Buying discounted training courses, getting free luncheon vouchers

The best selling educational products are the basic accountancy and business administration training courses. Students nowadays rush to follow finance and banking courses because they believe that the knowledge in the majors would help them get promotion in their careers.

Several years ago, the tuitions of the training courses were sky high, which were unaffordable to many people. However, the training courses have become so “dirt cheap” that everyone can “buy” for himself a degree in business administration or an accountancy certificate.

A lot of short term training courses with a lot of attractive preferences and tuition discounts of 50-97 percent.

A mini training course at IFA advertised as following the international MBA curriculum on the new business model, providing necessary knowledge on corporate governance and organization, costs 390,000 dong only. This is really a “shocking price discount,” if noting that the original price was 12 million dong per training course.

Tung Linh in Tu Liem district in Hanoi said that he once attended the training course for master degree in business administration under the mode of distance learning. “The cost is low, but the value of the training course is intangible. I cannot understand why the training center sets up such a low tuition,” Linh said.

The product is not only attractive because of the big price discounts offered, but also because of the special preferences. Every learner is given a card worth 280,000 dong which can be valid at hundreds of amusement places.

The educational product market has become bustling with a lot of super cheap English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese language training courses. Instead of paying 2 million dong to follow a Japanese training course, one could book an online training course at 200,000 dong only, and obtain a certificate after three months of learning.

Nguyen Lien, a banking officer, said that she is not sure about the quality of the training course, but she still decided to book the course. “If the training quality is good, I would continue following the course. If not, I would give up it and lose the money. But the training course is not worth much,” she said.

Especially, English training courses have also been advertised on online sale websites with huge price discounts. Learners can attend a free test on the admission, while buyers of the website can receive a free voucher for English training course worth 3 million dong, or those, who spend VND100,000 (USD4.79), would receive a voucher for a training course with the discount of up to 70 percent.

The cheap smart books

Online book markets are the places the mothers, who do not have much free time, regularly go to. A lot of parents say that the books on online markets are surprisingly cheap.

Thanh Mai, a parent in Cau Giay district in Hanoi, said that she has bought a set of smart books at VND98,000 (USD4.7).

Other learning tools friendly to pupils such as anti-short sighted pens and pencils (which give alert light when children have wrong sitting posture), original coloring books, heat reducing lamps, convenient school bags have been the best online sellers. Though they are very cheap at just VND50,000 per product, the buyers would still get gifts which could be pen points, color pencils or picture puzzle.

Smart toys available on online markets are also so unbelievably cheap that parents would buy them without thinking, though they are not sure about their quality. A jigsaw puzzle can be bought at no more than VND100,000. If buyers have privilege cards, they can buy it at VND60,000 only.

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