The Indian NCC delegation visits People’s Army Newspaper

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The Indian NCC delegation visits People’s Army Newspaper

PANO - The Indian National Cadets Corps (NCC) Delegation, led by Colonel Sanjay Pande, on March 3rd, paid a working visit to the People’s Army Newspaper (PAN).

This is the second time the Indian NCC delegation have visited PAN.

On behalf of the PAN, Colonel Ho Anh Thang, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, gave a briefing on the PAN's history and its current developments, and the reasons why the newspaper gains trust from the readers.

Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Kim Ton, Head of the PAN's International News Section, added that the relationship between Vietnam and India had been also featured vividly on PAN, including the visit to Vietnam of the Indian Defence Minister last year. India’s political and socio-economic events were also timely reported on the PAN's publications.

In his turn, Colonel Sanjay Pande highly spoke of the visit to the PAN of the twelve-member delegation. He briefly introduced the NCC to the PAN's representatives and stressed that one of its key missions was to build good relationship and friendship with other countries in the world.

"Vietnam was among important destinations of the NCC," he said.

The Indian Colonel also expressed him deep impression on President Ho Chi Minh. He confided that he had read lots of books relating to the revolutionary cause of Uncle Ho.

As one of four female cadets visiting PAN this time, Ruchi Arunkumar Pandya was impressed with the hospitality of Vietnamese people. Before the visit to Vietnam, she had learnt much about this S-shape country through newspapers. For her, the visit to the PAN was a good chance to improve her understanding about Vietnam People’s Army. She wished to explore more about Vietnam during her 10-day in Vietnam this time and promised to return Vietnam as soon as possible.

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