The 10-year foreign language teaching program – when to start?

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The 10-year foreign language teaching program – when to start?

VietNamNet Bridge – General schools and education management agencies have long been preparing for a ten-year foreign language teaching program which is expected to cost 9,738 billion dong from 2008-2020. However, the program is still not ready for implementation.

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At a conference discussing tasks for the 2010-2011 school year held in Hanoi some days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan emphasized that it is necessary to start the foreign language teaching program for primary school students during the 2010-2011 school year. However, when students begin the new school year, the program will still only exist on paper.

Schools await decisions from education departments, departments await decisions from the ministry

The Ministry of Education and Training decided that in 2010-2011, the ten-year foreign language teaching program will be implemented for 20 percent of third grade students. The teaching will be gradually expanded, so that the figure can rise to 70 percent of students by 2015-2016 and 100 percent by 2018-2019. In the near future, teaching will be carried out at schools with good facilities and teaching staff.

However, primary schools in HCM City all said they still do not know how to implement the teaching program, although the new school year has already begun.

Bui Duy Phuong, Headmaster of Tran Hung Dao Primary School in District 1, said that his school is the first school in the city that carries out an intensive English teaching program for students, so the school has considerable experience in teaching foreign languages to primary school students.

With so much experience, the school believes that it will be selected to implement the 10-year foreign language teaching program during the first phase of the project. However, the school still has not heard anything about the program. The only thing it can do is await guidance from the HCM City Education and Training Department and the District 1’s Education and Training Sub-department.

Meanwhile, Mai Thi Ngoc Lan, Headmaster of Dinh Tien Hoang Primary School in district 1 said she only read about the ten-year foreign language teaching program in the newspaper.

“We still do not know anything about the details of the program. We have to wait for guidance from the city’s education and training department,” Lan said.

Other schools contacted by Nguoi lao dong newspaper all gave the same answers. They still cannot do anything at the moment, since they still need guidance from a “higher authority.”

Meanwhile, when Nguoi lao dong reporters contacted the city’s education and training department, Le Ngoc Diep, Head of the department’s primary education division, he said the department is also awaiting guidance from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

What does the ministry say?

Le Tien Thanh, Director of the MOET’s Primary Education Department, admitted that the ministry has given some general guidance for the implementation of the ten-year foreign language teaching program, which means that the ministry has only given “spiritual guidance” to schools. The training course for schools, where the ministry will talk more about the things that need to be done, will begin on August 23.

Analysts have warned that general schools will meet a lot of difficulties in the implementation of the program. For a long time, educators have been following an old teaching method in which students focus on learning grammar and new words. Meanwhile, MOET has decided that the key modern teaching method is teaching language skills for communication. Therefore, teachers of the program will need to be well-trained to adapt to the new teaching method. Meanwhile, under the MOET’s plan, teachers will only have five days to attend the training course.

Source: Nguoi lao dong

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