Thai billionaire releases second book in Vietnam

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Thai billionaire releases second book in Vietnam

Thai billionaire Vikrom Kromadit has just unveiled his second book, titled “Nghiet Nga va Thanh Cong” (Be A Better Man), in Vietnamese at a press conference held in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday.

Vikrom Kromadit Thai billionaire Vikrom Kromadit (L) and his book "Be A Better Man" Photo: Tuoi Tre

Unlike his first book, "Tay Khong Gay Dung Co Do" (Building A Career by Bare Hands), which was earlier released in Vietnam and told of Kromadit’s desire to be a rich man, “Be A Better Man”, which is co-published by First News and Tre Publishing House, is the story of the billionaire’s normal life with its many ups and downs.

“People can make mistakes, but the point is they must live today better than yesterday,” he shared. “Think about good things and then do good things.”

“Be A Better Man” was published in Thailand in 2004 and has sold 300,000 copies. A Thai TV series adapted from the book is also being purchased to be broadcast in Vietnam.

In 2008, Vikrom was voted as one of Thailand’s 40 richest people by Forbes magazine.

He has published 12 books in Thailand, and they are sold for just US$1 in the hope of sharing his experiences with younger generations.

Last week, he also attended HCMC’s 7th biennial book festival , which ended on March 25.

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