Telecoms fail to exploit 3G

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One year after the launch of 3G in Vietnam, most Vietnamese subscribers were still only using the mobile service to connect to the internet, said Deputy Director of Vinaphone Zone II Nguyen Thien Bang.

At the seminar "mobile applications in the 3G era", he also contradicted the idea held by some that 3G could replace ADSL. He said the 3G wave was unstable and not available in all areas, plus the high cost meant it could not compete with ADSL.

The marketing director of Yahoo Vietnam said Vietnam had exploited only 5 per cent of its 3G capacity so far. Many participants expressed belief that the main reason for the limited number of 3G technology – based applications was the unreasonable profit sharing model between the operators and the content providers.

When a mobile application is developed in Vietnam, the operators take 70 per cent while the content providers only receive 30 per cent. In contrast, at the Apple App Store the numbers are reversed, with the operator only taking 30 per cent and the content provider taking 70 per cent for each application sold. As a result, the development of applications in Vietnam is quite limited.

Many seminar participants agreed that Vietnam would have to wait for several years to see more optimisation of its 3G potential.

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