Teenagers breed and release native fish back into the wild

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Teenagers breed and release native fish back into the wild

(CPV)- On September 25, twenty teenagers from Le Loi Scout Troop - National Vietnamese Scouting Committee in Ho Chi Minh City participated in a programme to breed and release native fish back into the wild, under the guidance of Wildlife At Risk (WAR).

This activity contributes to re-populating native fish species and also raises awareness of nature conservation amongst teenagers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Over 100 native fighting fish (Betta imbellis) that were bred in the programme entitled “breeding and releasing native fishes back into the wild” were released into Cau Son canal – a tributary of the Saigon River. Earlier, more than 200 native Betta were also released into another tributary of the Saigon River in order to recover the fighting fish populations, which are becoming increasingly rare in the City.

The teenagers also received fingerling-fighting fishes to raise and breed at home. Fry, which were born from those fishes, will be passed to other teenagers for raising or releasing into the wild. Before receiving the fishes, the teenagers were carefully instructed on how to feed and take care of the species, including disease prevention and treatment. WAR staff will strictly monitor the breeding fishes and provide support when needed.

In the past months, many residents of Ho Chi Minh City have also contacted WAR to receive native fishes for their home aquariums.

“Raising and breeding native fishes, especially the fighting fishes, is pretty simple. Anyone can do it with careful instructions from WAR. This activity does not require much time and space, and can also be done at a low cost. If they are well cared for, you will soon have many fry ready to be released into the wild after two or three months,” said Mr. Bui Huu Manh, Conservation Expert – WAR.

“The teenagers are contributing to the conservation of a native species that is disappearing in the urban environment through the simple and easy action of raising native fishes for aquariums and releasing them back to the wild. Everyone can make a difference and help save Vietnam’s wildlife” – said Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huyen, Wildlife Education Manager.

In the future, WAR will continue this programme of breeding and releasing native fishes that are not exploited for commercial purposes but can be used for ornamental purposes. HCMC residents and students who are interested in releasing or raising native fishes can contact WAR to receive useful support and consultations.

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