Teachers tired with e-lesson plans

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Teachers tired with e-lesson plans

VietNamNet Bridge – Teachers have been told to draw up e-lesson plans in order to improve the teaching quality. However, it seems that they are facing too many difficulties in applying information technology in teaching.

A lot of funny stories have been related about how teachers use overhead projectors in their classes.

A secondary school history teacher was in a cold sweat as she could not turn back to the home page to find the figures for the battle that she mentioned in the lesson. Finally, she had to ask for …students’ help. Another teacher, in a biology class, wanted to show her students the motions made by a flying bird . However, though the teacher tried to click the computer’s mouse for several times, the bird still… could not fly.

A primary school teacher in district 10 in HCM City used the e-lessons compiled by a colleague. However, the problem was that the font size was too small, while most of her students were short-sighted. At first, the teacher could not understand why students were so passive in the lesson and they just sat quietly. “Why are you so passive? Why don’t you say anything?” the teacher asked students. Then the class representative said: “We cannot see anything on the screen”.

Can information technology help improve teaching quality?

B, a student of TV High School in HCM City, admitted that teaching with e-lesson plans help make the classes less boring. However, B said students have many problems with the new teaching method.

“Previously, our literature teacher wrote down the main ideas on the blackboard. But now, as she has overhead projector, she only has to show slides on the screen. We now do not look at the blackboard, but look at the screen and copy the notes in our notebooks,” the student explained.

“However, the problem is that the teacher shows every slide for just several minutes, and we cannot copy all the necessary notes,” she complained.

An official of the HCM City Education and Planning Investment, who asked to be anonymous, said that e-lesson plans still do not contribute to lessons as much as expected. Some teachers use overhead projectors just to show students some images or video clips which may attract students. But they do not care about the efficiency of the new teaching method.

The official said that he cannot see many improvements in the teaching efficiency which uses the new methods. In the past, teachers lectured and students noted down in their notebooks. nowadays, teachers show slides, and students note down on their notebooks

A teacher of Phan Chu Trinh Primary School in HCM City said that e-lesson plans will help make the lecturers more lively and more attractive. However, it will take teachers more time to draw up e-lesson plans. Therefore, in order to save time, teachers copy e-lessons from each other. However, this had led to the fact that the e-lessons are nearly the same and they are not creative.

Le Thi Lien, Teacher at Duong Minh Chau Primary School in District 10, said that in order to compile the plans for 32 geography lessons, she will have to spend two years to look for materials.

Meanwhile, many teachers have doubts about the efficiency of e-lesson plans. A teacher of Trung Phung Primary School in Hanoi related that her school has purchased an overhead projector worth five million dong. However, the overhead projector has onlybeen used for workshops and conferences and special teaching hours. “It is a big waste of money. I think the money could be used for some other urgent needs,” she said.

The same thing has been happening with many other schools. A lot of overhead projectors have been left idle, because teachers are reluctant about using the “high-tech product”. Meanwhile, even the teachers keen on IT also believe that teachers should not completely rely on overhead projectors in teaching.

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