Tea Festival opens

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Tea Festival opens

(VOV) - A Tea Festival opened at the Hung Kings temple complex in Phu Tho province on April 10, a highlight of the Hung King Temple Festival.

Truong Tan Sang, Politburo Member and Standing member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and leaders of ministries and departments attended the festival along with many local people and pilgrims.

The festival attracted 13 businesses in Phu Tho province and aimed to honour tea and the farmers who make great efforts to cultivate the valuable tea varieties of Phu Tho.

Tea is a traditional crop of the midland and has helped local people improve their living standards.

With 63 tea businesses and more than 700 processing units, Phu Tho ranks fourth in the country in tea cultivation area and third in tea production volume. 80 percent of tea products from the province are exported to the EU, Japan, China and India.

The festival provides a good chance for businesses to share experiences in attracting investment and promote their products.

The festival runs until April 12 and visitors can taste a variety of special tea products and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique cultural festival.

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