Tax exemption for a number of goods imported from Cambodia

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VGP – The Government has recently issued Decree No. 24/2017/ND-CP stipulating special preferential import tariff to implement the agreement signed between Viet Nam and Cambodia in 2016 on the acceleration of bilateral trade.

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Accordingly, zero import duty will be applied on a number of goods items imported from Cambodia, including Gallus-domesticus chicken types, duck, musk duck, goose, turkey and pheasant; fresh or frozen poultry meat and byproducts of the groups 01.05; fresh or dried fruits of the mandarin orange group; processed or preserved meat and meat byproducts; and breads, pastry, pies, biscuits and other cakes with or without cocoa; among others.

The abovementioned goods items must satisfy the following requirements:

1- Having C/O form S granted by Cambodia’s authorized agencies;

2- Circulating via 24 pairs of border gates mentioned in the agreement between the two countries’ governments;

Rice and dried tobacco leaves could also be exempt from import duty in accordance with the import quota stipulated in the decree if these items meet the abovementioned requirements as well as the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s regulations on imports according to 2016 and 2017 tariff rate quotas.

Unprocessed farming goods (including both rice and dried tobacco leaves), which are grown by Vietnamese businesses in Cambodia, are imported into Viet Nam in line with regulations of current laws on import and export duty.

As for Cambodia-originated agricultural items (including both rice and dried tobacco leaves) imported into Viet Nam for re-exports, the import activities were performed in accordance with the Vietnamese government’s temporary import for re-export mechanism and regional and international agreements to which both sides are signatories.

By Vien Nhu

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