Taiwan food scare not affecting Vietnam

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The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) announced on Monday it has yet to find drinks and food products containing DEHP, a toxic substance which is causing a food scare in Taiwan.

On May 26, Taiwan’s Department of Health confirmed to the World Health Organization it had discovered DEHP or di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, a potentially cancer-causing plasticizer used in the making of medical devices, in some bottled sports drinks.

It said the chemical DEHP, described as a “clouding agent” and intended for emulsification, was illegally added to a food product raw material.

According to the VFA, no products containing DEHP made by Taiwanese companies were found in Vietnam.


Taiwan warns Vietnam of tainted drinks shipment

VFA inspectors said clouding agents being used in Vietnam are mostly imported from Australia, the US and Europe.

The VFA said it will continue inspections to assure there are no DEHP-tainted products in Vietnam.

The same day, Taiwanese authorities vowed to adopt stricter regulations to manage the use of clouding agents in consumer products.

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