TV rights uncertain 3 days ahead of league start

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TV rights uncertain 3 days ahead of league start

With three days to go before Vietnam’s top-tier football Super League 2012 kicks off, local television stations have yet reached a deal with TV firm AVG, who won exclusive rights to air the top leagues for 20 years from 2010, to broadcast matches.

avg Local TV stations have lost patience with AVG on broadcasting Super League 2012 -- the top league of Vietnam's football Photo: Tuoi Tre

Since its opening last month, the digital provider of TV channels in Vietnam, AVG, has yet developed its own channel to broadcast nationwide, so it still depends on other TV stations to air football matches, which is the king of sports in Vietnam.

In the current situation, major television channels such as VTV, HTV and VTC have had little patience in planning their broadcasting.

Things became even more complicated when VTC sports channel director Vu Quang Huy announced that he would prefer filming selected matches on the field, produce TV waves, and broadcast them on the company’s own, instead of airing them on available waves produced by AVG.

Le Van Phu, chief of the sports department at HTV, has revealed that he may stop airing football games of the Super League as the channel did during the 2010 season, when the organization was still called the V-League.

Recently, it has been reported that AVG has drafted a three-choice plan for TV stations to buy, including TV waves with advertisements produced by AVG, ‘clean’ waves without ads produced by AVG, and ‘raw product’, that is matches that TV stations will produce themselves and air on their waves.

The draft plan seems to suit all of the demands made by the TV stations, but AVG has yet to publicly announce it as final, nor has it cited a reason for not doing so.

A source from the Vietnam Professional Football (VPF) company, a marketing and sales agent of the Vietnam Football Federation, revealed that the VPF will consult with AVG in order to make a final decision soon.

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