Suspect with heartless Facebook status seized

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Suspect with heartless Facebook status seized

The investigating officials in Yen Bai city, the northeastern province of Yen Bai, have summoned Dang Manh Linh (20) hailing from Lao Cai to police headquarters to clarify issues related to an accident that killed a man last Tuesday, according to senior lieutenant Luu Van Ky.


Linh, a college student in Thai Nguyen, is suspected to be the Facebook user with the nickname Keo mut choi boi, who posted heartless comments after he and his friend Doan Hiep (24) hit Nguyen Huu Giang (58) in an accident.

According to senior lieutenant Ky, the police talked to Hiep and learned that it was Linh who posted such information.

On the social network, Keo mut choi boi wrote, “Sad news! We are really sorry to inform that the dude we had crashed kicked the bucket last night at 17h07. The guy was born in 1953.”

He also wrote he and his friend were in bad luck to have to pay more than VND20 million (US$1,000) in hospital and funeral fees to the victim’s family.

According to Colonel Dang Tran Chieu, Chief of Police Department of Yen Bai province, the accident happened when two young men riding an Air Blade motorbike hit a man who was walking home on the right sidewalk from Yen Hoa Park on Thanh Cong street, Nguyen Thai Hoc commune, Yen Bai city.

Hiep was the rider of the bike with Linh sitting in the back. The two did not stop but ran away after the accident.

Giang, who was a security guard at a local credit agency, was seriously injured and died in hospital one day later.

Keo mut choi boi’s post drew hundreds of comments criticizing his cruelty and heartless lack of concern.

Many Facebook users then formed groups and vowed to catch Keo mut choi boi. They went and waited in places like the gym and the college where he was believed to frequent.

Some netizens then put up his personal information online, including his pictures, background, phone number, which later helped the police to identify the culprit.

Receiving overwhelming critical comments against him, Keo mut choi boi later deleted and closed his page under the anger of the Facebook community.

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