Study consultants or cheaters?

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Study consultants or cheaters?

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of study consultancy firms only care about parents’ financial capability, while they do not care about students’ learning aptitude and foreign language skills.

Overseas study consultancy firms mushroom, putting students in a maze

Students raise questions about training courses
Acting as the parents who were seeking overseas study opportunities for the son, Dat Viet’s reporters dropped into a consultancy firm on Ho Van Hue Street in Phu Nhuan district of HCM City. “Do you have saving books?”, “How much do you earn a month?” and “Do you have immovable property?” were the questions the consultancy officer raised to the “parents”. Meanwhile, there was no question about the learning aptitude and the expectations of the learners.

Showing the way to parents to prove financial capability

“If you do not have relatives in the US, we would come forward to arrange everything to ensure that your child would be able to study in the US,” the officer said.

“As you are not financially capable enough, we would also help you prove your financial capability to the schools. You just have to pay 300 dollars for making documents for you, and 900 dollars for helping prove the financial capability,” she continued.

Especially, the officer said that it would be much easier to go to Singapore. “You don’t have to follow complicated procedures if you agree to go to Singapore. We can be 100 percent sure that your child would be able to fly to Singapore in July or August,” she affirmed.

The same information was given by the consultancy firm on Tran Huy Lieu Street in district 3. The firm promised that it would give useful advices to be sure that Vietnamese students can enroll in foreign schools and obtain visas. None of the firms which the reporters contacted asked about the school reports and English skills of learners.

At a consultancy firm at No. 35 Cat Linh Alley in Hanoi, the “parents” received the promise that the firm would show them what to do to become financially capable enough.

In order to be able to study in Canada, parents have to have an account with 50,000 dollars at least, which is equal to the expenses for two school years. Besides, parents also need to have immovable property – land, houses, while parents need to have the monthly income of 2000-3000 dollars.

“Your monthly income is lower than the required level. But I would help “make incantation” so that you can get enough money,” an officer said.

Your house is now still under the name of your parents. You should negotiate with them to transfer the ownership to you. You have less than one billion dong in your saving book. Therefore, you should borrow 300 million dong from banks to prove your financial capability,” she continued.

Spending money and getting the worse

Most consultancy firms promise to help students successfully enroll in foreign schools and obtain scholarships, even though their parents do not have financial capability, or they do not have sufficient English skills. Especially, they commit to refund the fees if students cannot obtain visas.

However, in many cases, parents spent money and only got the worse. Dieu Thuy in Tan Binh district said that she spent 1500 dollars eight months ago, but her daughter still cannot obtain a visa to the US.

“The firm said it was my daughter’s fault and told us to wait for the next opportunities,” she said.

Nguyen Thanh Nga, a student in HCM City, thought she would have to pay only 300 dollars for documents and translation service as stipulated in the firm’s notice. However, she later was told to pay 300 dollars for documents, 250 dollars for translation service, 8.5 million dong for unclear reason and 14 million dong to prove the financial capability.

Nga said she would still have to attend interviews to obtain visas, while it would take some hundreds of dollars more for every interview.

Source: Dat Viet

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