State President visits Army Central Hospital 108

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State President visits Army Central Hospital 108

The Army Central Hospital 108 needs to constantly improve the professional skills of its medical workers to help them fulfill their tasks caring for senior Party and State leaders and army personnel, said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

During a visit to the hospital on July 19, State President Nguyen Minh Triet expressed his satisfaction with its rapid development into an intensive medical technical centre and a large general army hospital in a special class of national hospitals.

President Triet asked the hospital cooperate with domestic and foreign hospitals to share experiences, master advanced technology and build a contingent of highly professional and ethical medical workers to make it one of the country’s leading medical centres integrating into regional and global healthcare. This will offer an alternative for Vietnamese patients who spend US$1 billion per year on medical treatment at hospitals in Singapore, said Mr Triet.

On the occasion, President Triet also donated gifts to some soldiers undergoing treatment at the hospital.

President Triet said the Party and State are always grateful to the generations of revolutionary cadres and wish them a speedy recovery to continue contributing to national construction and development.

Source: VOV/VNA

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