Standardized education needs improved human resource quality

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Standardized education needs improved human resource quality

VGP – Việt Nam has adopted a new human resource development plan in a bid to reform its education sector but the biggest challenge is how to have a highly qualified workforce to meet a new stage of development after the country joined the middle-income group.

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Solutions for developing countries like Việt Nam may include the establishment of education facilities joint-ventured with foreign partners, and the design of curriculum, or education standardization.

In developed countries, standards-based education is popular as it sets academic standards for what students should know and be able to do. Thousands of Asian students flocked to those countries to attend undergraduate, MA or Phd courses just because that type of education there can help them achieve the goals they have set.

In a recent meeting to collect comments for the Strategy for education development until 2020, Deputy PM Nguyễn Thiện Nhân, who was former Minister of Education and Training said the State would put a stop to enrolments and training activities of education establishments that failed to be standardized.

He requested that the education sector must develop the strategy towards clearly standardizing the “input” and “output” at all school levels.

In fact, Việt Nam has promulgated decisions stipulating standards for teachers at primary, junior-secondary, vocational training, and tertiary schools but student input and output have yet been standardized.

The standardization of education is not easy as an increasing number of students do not want to go to pedagogy faculties due to low-paid salary. The situation becomes more difficult in remote areas.

Pedagogy universities are the last on the list of tertiary education fields opted by students. More and more students prefer to study “hot” subjects like economics, trade and banking-finance, resulting in a fall in input quality into pedagogy universities.

Accordingly, many pedagogy faculties have had to lower input requirements to attract students and generated a contingent of low-quality teachers as a consequence. And the situation is now posing a “headache” to education managers.

By Hải Minh

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