Special journey after a diary

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Special journey after a diary

Strong feelings after reading martyr Dang Thuy Tram’s diary have urged several Japanese friends to start a special journey to Vietnam.

In 2007, the Japanese version of martyr Dang Thuy Tram’s diary by translator Izumi Takahashi was published. It soon touched hearts of various Japanese people, including three friends at the Tsuyama International Friendship Society. They and translator Izumi decided to go to Vietnam for a visit to Dang Thuy Tram’s family, her graveside and the location where she fought and sacrificed her life.

In late May 2012, these Japanese friends arrived in Hanoi. Translator Izumi sadly said that he came to Duc Pho, Quang Ngai, where Doctor Tram fought enemy to her last breath, before translating the diary. However, he only felt at his ease only when he could visit Tram’s mother and sister in Hanoi.

Director of Tsuyama International Friendship Society, Kondo Hideo, confided that he loves to take part in this journey because he would like to learn more about the Vietnamese woman’s strong spirit and will. Before, Kondo Hideo and his colleagues have visited Vietnam many times to build charity schools in Dak Lak and Thua Thien-Hue, but this is the first time he came here for a diary. "I believe the soul of Dang Thuy Tram will last forever. It’s her to connect us with this country", he said.

For Izumi Takahashi, he intends to write and translate another book of Dang Thuy Tram based on valuable stories told by her comrades and close relatives. “It can be seen as the second diary that I would like to act as a bridge in using languages to connect our two countries”, he said.

Source: TN

Translated by Nguyen Thao

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