Southeast Asian folk games for kids at Hanoi’s museum

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Southeast Asian folk games for kids at Hanoi’s museum

Thousands of children joined the program called “Befriend Southeast Asia” at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi this weekend.

Nhay ba bo (bean bag racing) attracts a lot of children

many little girls joined in

Tug of war

Walking on stilts

Passing a bamboo bridge

Children of less than 3 like painting

Playing with puppets

A game for girls

Children in traditional custumes

Kids learn painting, using natural materials like paddies, maize and black peas.

They learn how to make a paper fan by artisans from Chang Son village, Hanoi.

Playing “picking up crabs and put in a basket” game.

Instructing kids to make toys by leaves.

Walking on coconut shells, a game from Laos.

Singing and passing an object from hand to hand.

Hunter and wild ducks, a game from Malaysia.

Tug of war is popular in Vietnam and Thailand.

“A car” performed by Malaysia kids.

Vietnamese kids in traditional costumes.

A Vietnamese little girl in Malaysian costume.

A Vietnamese dance.

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