Song Lam Nghe An crowned V-League 2010 championship

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Song Lam Nghe An crowned V-League 2010 championship

After an oppressive tie game vs Hanoi T&T in Vinh City, on the afternoon of August 21, Song Lam Nghe An (SLNA) becomes the champion of V-League 11. This is the FC’s second cup after a decade.

Before the last match, SLNA had three points over Hanoi T&T. It needed only a tie to be the champion. It seemed to be an easy mission because SLNA played on its home stadium.

The team had a good start and scored goal at the fourth minute, thanks to the serious mistake made by Hanoi T&T’s goalkeeper Duong Hong Son. SLNA continued playing well in the first half.

In the second half, Hanoi T&T equalized at the 64th minute. The team played very well in the remaining time but its strikers lost many opportunities. The game finished for 1-1 and SLNA was crowned as the champion. Hanoi T&T took the silver medal and SHB Danang with the bronze medal.

“The cup is deserved of our efforts in a long year. We win the championship for our firm stuff and our strong belief that we would become the strongest team. This is the cup of my life. This is the gift of SLNA to our fans, who have followed us for ten years,” coach Nguyen Huu Thang said in tears after the game.

“There is only championship and it belongs to SLNA. Toda we played very well. Hanoi T&T also played well in other matches. We have tried but we did not have what we want. I’m sad but looking back this football season, we can be proud of ourselves. Congratulate SLNA!” said Hanoi T&T coach Phan Thanh Hung.

V-League 2011 results: Champion: Song Lam Nghe An; second team: Hanoi T&T; third team: SHB Da Nang. Hanoi ACB and Dong Tam Long An slip to the First Division Tournament.

Saigon Xuan Thanh and Kienlongbank Kiên Giang will move from the First Division Tournament to the V-League 2012./.

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