Snakes on bus

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Snakes on bus

VietNamNet Bridge – Passengers on a coach running from Da nang to Quy Nhon got panicked when tens of snakes crawled through their feet.

The incident occurred at around 9.30am on June 13, on a bus driven by Duong Dinh Son, which ran from Da nang city to Quy Nhon city.

When the coach arrived at La Ha town in the central province of Quang Ngai, the driver had to urgently stop the car because passengers discovered tens of kraits crawling on the floor.

Ms. Huynh Thi Diep, one of the first passengers who detected snakes, was still frightened when she remembered that moment: “I got into the car from Quang Ngai city. Around 15-20 minutes after that I felt something crawling through my feet. Looking down, I could not believe in my eyes when I saw a snake creeping over my feet. I could not breathe because I was so scared”.

After Ms. Diep screamed “Snake”, others looked down and discovered tens of kraits on the floor.

Some women could not keep calm. They began shouting. There was a real chaos in the bus. Driver Duong stopped the bus by the roadside and hurriedly opened doors for passengers to get out.

Hearing screams from the bus, many locals came up to join passengers to search and kill snakes. It took them over half an hour to find all the escaped snakes on the bus and in luggage.

These snakes escaped from two jute bags, which were put in one plastic and one wood box. The boxes were placed on the bus together with the luggage. Opening the boxes, people saw dozens of snakes inside.

The bags were tied loosely while there were a lot of holes on them. Snakes escaped from these holes.

The driver named Son said he did not know that these boxes were containing snakes. A woman named Lam in the central province of Quang Nam hired Son to transport the boxes to Binh Dinh province. The woman said when the bus arrived in Binh Dinh, someone would come to receive the goods.

“I received the goods because it was packed in boxes. I did not ask her about it. It is lucky that nobody was bitten by snakes,” the driver said.

After the incident, passengers were still scared. Some continued their trip on other buses because they were afraid that some snakes might be still on the car.

Local police came to the site to investigate.

Besides these snakes, there were dozens of others in two bags in the bus.

A snake was struck dead after it escaped from a bag. Kraits are extremely poisonous.
One who is bitten by a krait can die after several minutes.

Thu Hang

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