Slashers of Tay Ninh schoolgirls indicted

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The Tay Ninh Province’s Hoa Thanh District Procuracy has filed an indictment against four hooligans who targeted beautiful female students and slashed them on the thighs or butts last month.

The four slashers of female students in Tay Ninh town Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong

According to the Procuracy, Nguyen Thanh Tai, Pham Thanh Duy, Vo Le Hoang Ngu and Phan Ca Li committed 17 slashing cases in the southern province and they would be prosecuted for "assaulting" and "humiliating others".

All the four said they wanted to seek “strong feelings” and make their victims feel ashamed and cause them to return home to change their clothes.

In addition, Tai recently admitted that he fell in love with a schoolgirl and wished to take her to school and pick her up after class everyday.

He then asked Duy, Ngu and Li to join him in assaulting other girls with a view to making this student fearful and thereby agree to let him escort her.

Their first victim was D. Q., a 12th grade schoolgirl, who was travelling to Tay Ninh High School on her electric bicycle on March 7. When Q. got to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, just a short distance from the school, two young men riding a scooter behind her suddenly sped up to get closer.

To Q.’s astonishment, the guy sitting behind the driver slashed her on her left thigh with a small knife. The slash, about 10 cm long, torn her white trousers and made her bleed from the thigh.

Another victim was H., also a student of the school. “About 6:30 a.m March 8, when I was 100 meters away from my school, a young man riding behind me cut me on my right thigh with a cutter looking like a paper knife,” H. recalled.

Some schoolgirls fell down from their vehicles to the ground after being attacked and some of them had to be hospitalized for emergency aid due to blood loss.

The hooligan’s violent acts have caused panic among school girls in Tay Ninh and many girls in Tay Ninh dared not to ride motorbikes or bicycles to school alone.

Local police launched an investigation to track down culprits and most of local high schools, including Hoang Le Kha, Tran Dai Nghia and Chu Van An, warned their students to be high alert.

On March 18, the local police stopped Duy and Tai, both aged 28, while they were riding a scooter on local streets as they showed some suspicious signs.

The police later found two Thai knives and a paper knife hidden in their scooter’s coffer.

Tai later confessed to the police that within two days March 7 and 8, he himself attacked eight schoolgirls.

From the two guys’ declaration, the police later arrested Ngu, 29, and Li, 17, the same day.

All the four are residents of Hiep Binh ward, Tay Ninh town.

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