Six initiatives receive E-idea awards

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Six initiatives receive E-idea awards

Nhan Dan Online – Six winning initiatives were announced at the E-idea Competition 2011 awards ceremony in Hanoi on August 24.

The winning ideas, chosen for their feasibility and creativity, were selected from the 18 shortlisted initiatives through interviews in the final round of competition.

To mark the unveiling of the E-ideas, an E-exhibition was set up to showcase the winners. Guests had the opportunity to visit the six exhibition booths, examine individual projects and challenge the winners about the feasibility and creativity of their ideas.

Among the winning projects, “Excavatus” stunned the judges with the idea of turning earthworms and cow dung into money while helping one rural district solve its chronic pollution problem caused by an excessive amount of cow manure.

The “Green Health” project raises the idea of transforming the energy discharged by people exercising around the lake to operate a water processing turbine to clean up the lake.

The “Vertical Garden” is a brilliant idea for creating a unique organic vegetable garden while addressing the problem of lack of space in urban areas. Instead of growing vegetables horizontally on the ground as usual, the Vertical Garden utilises vertical panels with a built-in watering system to grow 750 plants in an area of just five square metres.

The three other winning ideas include a digital forum for sharing ideas on developing organic agriculture, recycling garbage to create green spaces in schools and producing organic fertiliser from domestic waste.

The six E-idea winners each received a cash award of VND 100 million (nearly US$5,000) as initial funding for implementing their projects.

One representative from each winning project will have an opportunity to meet with their fellow E-idea winners from participating countries in Indonesia this October.

In addition, one representative from the most successfully implemented project will have a chance to learn about community-based approaches to climate change in the UK on a study tour that will take place in mid-2012.

The 18 shortlisted applicants in the final round will also benefit from the E-idea programme through access to technical, business, and marketing networks to support the implementation of their projects.

E-idea is an innovative competition that funds, supports and mentors young eco-entrepreneurs, aged 18-35, from seven Asia-Pacific countries, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan,the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Since its launch in May, the E-idea Competition 2011, jointly held by the British Council and the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), received over 80 applications from organizations and individuals across the country focusing on protecting the environment and responding to climate change.

The involvement of organisations and individuals in the E-ideas shows that environmental issues are drawing increasingly more attention from the community, especially the young people.

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