Singers reflect on roles

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Singers reflect on roles

The respect of singers for the public and for composer's copyrights were central topics at a recent conference held within the framework of the fifth annual Singers Day this week in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

Singers Day: Hoang Hai performs at a conference on the music industry held in northern Quang Ninh Province. — VNS Photo


Musician Le Quang, one of the initiators of the day six years ago, said that today's singers were better at communicating with the public and, although sometimes rivals in competing for the music market, with each other. Singers were showing greater respect for the audience through their enhanced performing styles and musical productions targeted at specific audiences, Quang said.

Recent conflicts over copyright between singers and songwriters reflected a lack of professionalism in the country's music industry, said singer Hoang Hai, noting that he had avoided such conflicts by generally working with established composers and signing proper contracts with them, even those who were his close friends.

"Some singers are asking to be paid more for their labours, which is fine," Hai said, acknowledging that the topic of payments was rather too "sensitive" to be discussed in greater detail.

"But they shouldn't ask too much," he added. "I think a singer should contribute to society within a possible scope that they can manage."

Hai elaborated by saying a singer could not be expected to join in all charity shows and needed to be able to be selective in where he or she could appear.

Overseas Vietnamese singer Ngoc Anh recounted her experiences dealing with the media, which fiercely criticised her performance in a see-through top in the 1990s. She kept silent at the criticism and drew a lesson to dress more properly when performing.

"I think that's a kind of professional and cultural standard," she said.

Singers Day 2011 gathered over 200 local and overseas Vietnamese singers to events which ended yesterday, including performances and a charity gala to raise a funds for the poor in Quang Ninh. — VNS

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