Shortlist announced for the "Vietnamese Grammys"

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Shortlist announced for the 'Vietnamese Grammys'

Cong Hien, or the "Devotion Music Awards", the Vietnamese equivalent of the Grammys, may expand the categories this year.

Cong Hien, or the "Devotion Music Awards", the Vietnamese equivalent of the Grammys, may expand the categories this year.

Singer My Linh (left) is a nominee for ‘Singer of the Year’ for her Toc ngan Acoustic – Mot ngay

The list of nominees for the 2011 awards was announced on February 20 with the involvement of famous performers and musicians, such as My Linh, Viet Tu and Tung Duong.

Like in previous years, the Devotion Music Awards has four categories, including 'Album of the Year', 'Concert of the Year', 'Singer of the Year' and 'Musician of the Year'.

However, many artists suggested expanding the categories this time to keep up with the development of Vietnamese music in recent years.They proposed adding categories, including 'Song of the year' and 'Best Newcomer'.

Singer My Linh agreed, saying that, "The category of 'Best Newcomer' will foster new talent." She used the winner of 2010's Vietnam Idol, Uyen Linh, as an example, commenting, “It might not be right to nominate Uyen Linh as 'Singer of the Year' because she just won one contest and hasn't even released an album or a single yet. On the other hand it wouldn't be fair to say that she hasn't made any contribution to music in the country. I think that she has drawn attention back to Vietnamese music with her voice. She would be a great nominee for 'Best New Singer of the Year."

Meanwhile, the singer Tung Duong recommended adding a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' to honour those who have made great contributions over a long period of time.

Huu Trinh, journalist and a member of the organisation board, said, “In fact, this is not a new issue. It's been brewing for years. Last year the late People's Artist, Y Moan, had a moving live show which won an award that was granted posthumously, and was only honorary."


Apart from proposals to expand the categories, several artists expressed confidence, verging on arrogance, in receiving the prize.

Anh Quan, the husband of the well-known singer My Linh said, simply, "I expect to get the award this time."

Many music journalists and music enthusiasts in Vietnam consider this the most prestigious music award in the country. However, at the present time, the 'Album of the Year' category is competing with the International Music Award.

At the time, for the Cong Hien Music Awards, the category of 'Album of the Year' ranks among the least important. The opposite of the case is true for most international music award ceremonies.


- Album of the Year: Body Language by Thu Minh, Duong Ve by Quai Vat Ti Hon, Le Cat Trong Ly for the self-titled album, Toc ngan Acoustic – Mot ngay by My Linh, and Vong tron by Hong Nhung.

- Concert of the Year: Ho Ngoc Ha live concert 2011, Khong gian am nhac by Dream Studio, Luala, by Dihavina and DX, Nhung Chuyen Di by Tung Duong, and Vui by Le Cat Trong Ly.

- Musician of the Year: Le Cong Hai, Le Cat Trong Ly, Nguyen Hai Phong, Anh Quan and, Quoc Trung.

- Singer of the Year: Tung Duong, Ho Quynh Huong, Thu Minh, Hong Nhung, and Nguyen Thao

Le Cat Trong Ly nominated for three awards

Viet Tu nominated for an award

Discussion between artists on February 20

Couple My Linh and Anh Quan nominated

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