Sensual scene on national TV station angers viewers

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Sensual scene on national TV station angers viewers

A vulgar scene in a TV movie that was screened on VTV3 national television broadcaster on March 6, depicting the rude caressing of a couple, has aroused fury among many people in this sexually conservative country.

Phuc Phuc curls his tongue to lick wine dripping down the breast of Linh so that his friends film it and post it on the Internet. The photo taken from the second episode of the TV serial named “Hoa Nang”.

Most audience members literally blush with shame upon watching the scene, in which a male character named Phuc slowly curled his tongue to lick wine dripping down the breast of a female character named Linh in the second episode of the TV serial named “Hoa Nang”.

But it didn’t stop there. When Phuc received words of encouragement from his friends, he continued the ‘sensitive’ acts at an increasing level.

Although the scene aims to reflect the debauched lifestyle led by certain young urbanities, a number of viewers have commented that it would have negative effects on children and teenagers, since it was aired publicly on national television at 9:15pm, before most go to sleep. Some even claim it looked like a pornographic movie.

Huyen Trang, an employee of a company in Hanoi, says: “It’s unacceptable to publish this vulgar scene on VTV3. I’m wondering whether or not the television station censors it? Actually, I felt awkward when my 4-year-old watched it.”

The scene has been quickly posted on many local forums and websites and has become a hot topic.

Tran Minh, 20, an overseas Vietnamese student in Australia, commented: “OMG! Is there any signal before the screening? What if kids watch it? As I know, the movies with adult content are often screened late (around 10-11pm) when most children go to bed.”

My fault

Minh Quang, the film’s director, told Tuoi Tre he felt regret after reviewing the controversial scene and admitted that it is offensive.

The director said that he only wanted to create a scene showing the impetuous behavior of a part of the youth population these days, so that the continuing episodes will help ‘change’ their inappropriate behavior.

“If the scene had only shown two characters kissing, audiences would not have believed that it is an offensive clip. The behavior change will occur in the third episode when the clip is posted on the Internet. Many friends of Phuc will make highly critical comments on his conduct, leading to the change in his behavior later,” Quang explained.

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