Seminar on Ho Chi Minh legacy and Vietnam-France relations

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Seminar on Ho Chi Minh legacy and Vietnam-France relations

(VOV) - A seminar on Ho Chi Minh’s legacy and Vietnam-France relations was held at Paris-based UNESCO Headquarters on September 19, drawing the participation of many international friends and overseas Vietnamese.

The event was a follow-up to the recent conferences, seminars and exhibitions held in Paris and other French localities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s arrival in France and the 65th anniversary of his visit to France as the French Government’s guest.

The seminar was of great significance as it was held right at UNESCO headquarters where a resolution honouring President Ho Chi Minh as Vietnam’s national hero and eminent cultural activist was adopted in 1987.

French historian Alain Ruscio highlighted Ho Chi Minh’s political career, saying as a peace lover he devoted his whole life to the country.

In his report, Head of the Ho Chi Minh Institute Pham Hong Chuong analyzed Ho Chi Minh legacy, international relations and Vietnam-France relations while many other speakers focused on France-Vietnam cooperation.

Vietnamese ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung reviewed Ho Chi Minh Thoughts on external relations and Vietnam-France relationship and emphasized that both countries need to take new initiatives to lift their relationship to a higher level.

Vietnam and France will celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties in 2013 and the creative and effective application of Ho Chi Minh Thoughts will help tighten bilateral ties of cooperation in all fields for mutual benefits, said Mr Dung.

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