Semi-finalists go for Vietnamese songs in Got Talent

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Semi-finalists go for Vietnamese songs in Got Talent

Vietnam’s Got Talent had its second semi-final night broadcast live on VTV3 on Sunday, with many contestants opting for Vietnamese hits in a program dominated by English songs from its start.

Vu Song Vu Vu Song Vu (R) shined with "Ba toi" (My grandma) Photo: Tuoitre

Vu Khanh Van, who was known singing “Time to say goodbye” by Sarah Brightman in the preliminary round, performed “Hoa mi hot trong mua” (Nightingale sings in the rain) and was called “nightingale” by judge Thanh Loc, who said he gave her the name as he knew she could sing Vietnamese songs very well.

Vu Song Vu, who had been well-known on Youtube long before he signed up for Vietnam’s Got Talent for singing “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion, shined with “Ba toi” (My Grandma), a difficult song performed by many local top singers.

The 12-year-old contestant sang with confidence and his own interpretation and style, and was praised by the “difficult” judge Huy Tuan, a renowned song composer.

Another performance, a belly dance by Banh Duc Hoai Yen, also captured viewers’ attention as she asked a music composer to re-mix a Vietnamese song as background music for her dance instead of using foreign music.

From the preliminary round to the first semifinal night held last week, the show has sparked curiosity as to why most of its contestants who chose singing prefer showing their talent in English, such as the sensation Vo Trong Phuc, an English teacher who rose to fame singing Michael Buble’s “Home”, or Vu Dinh Tri Giao, the 9-year-old sweet songster who melted hearts with “You raise me up”.

Many contestants like Phuc said that they knew they sounded better in English.
“Hoa mi hot trong mua’ is one of a few Vietnamese songs that are suitable for my voice and what I want to send out to the audience. To me it doesn’t matter whether it is English or Vietnamese,” Khanh Van said.

Meanwhile, Vu’s mother opined that he chose “Ba toi” to stand out from others as many contestants had chosen to sing in English. “His chance of success will be lower then. To be honest, he sings much better in English than in Vietnamese, thus the Vietnamese song was quite a risky choice. But if he can make it to the next round, I think he will choose an English song.”

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