Schools in Nghe An fleece their students

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Schools in Nghe An fleece their students

Education and Training Department in Nghe An Province has found that 31 out of 113 inspected schools overcharged their students.

Dozens of schools overcharging students
The department announced the inspection results after scrutinising the collection of tuition fees at schools in 15 districts, townships and one city, Vinh, in the first part of the 2011-2012 academic year.

Many of these schools were found to be charging fees higher than the stipulated levels. Another way that schools got around the regulations was to add surcharges for things such as upgrades, water, sanitation, and electricity bills.

The majority of the violations were found in secondary schools, with nine cases and primary schools.

Le Hong Phong High School asked students to pay VND60,000 (USD2.85) for each 12th grade student, and VND90,000 (USD4.28) for every 11th and 10th grade student, for the schoolyard construction.

In addition, each student was required to pay between VND60,000 and VND70,000 (USD2.85-USD3.33) for clean water, and VND20,000 (95 US cents) for sanitation services.

Bao Thanh Secondary School collected a surcharge of VND260,000 (USD12.37) per student for electricity, clean water, "cleansing fees", examination papers, learning accessories and even for construction of the school's parking lot.

Hoa My Preschool required students to pay VND300,000 (USD14.27) each, for the "school upgrades", VND185,000 (USD8.8) each for learning accessories, VND100,000 (USD4.75) each for security, VND550,000 (USD26.17) per student per English courses which were held under the regular curriculum, plus an extra VND50,000 (USD2.37) each per month for optional courses.

The department also found that several preschools enrolled too many students, causing overcrowding, which, in turn, affected the quality of education.

The department has requested that the schools in question return the money, and is applying punishments to preschools who have overcharged.

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