Sailfish holes man’s heart

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Sailfish holes man’s heart

VietNamNet Bridge – Doctors of the Binh Dinh Polyclinic in the central province of Binh Dinh on April 22, saved a patient whose heart was stabbed by a sailfish.

The victim is a fisherman named Nguyen Van Nghia, 40, from Phu Cat district in Binh Dinh province. He was hospitalized at 7am, April 22, with a wound on his chest. Blood overflowed from his heart.

Doctors checked and defined that his heart was stabbed with a hole of around 2cm. Dr. Hoang Van Cong, the main operator, said that doctors sutured the wound by five stitches. The operation took two hours and the patient lost around two liters of blood.

“This was a very urgent operation. If it was not conducted quickly, the patient would have died,” the doctor said.

The patient recovered his senses at 5pm of the same day. He is now in good conditions.

Nghia told correspondents on April 23 that he dove to check the screw of his boat in the evening of April 21 and was attacked to the chest by a sailfish of around 50kg.

“I did not feel pain when the fish stabbed me. When I returned to the boat, others discovered the bleeding wound on my chest,” Nghia recalled.

As the boat was far from the shore, they covered the wound by monosodium glutamate. The victim was brought to hospital around 4-5 hours later.

Doctors said that this is the first time they cured a patient whose heart was punctured by a fish.

The man can leave hospital in ten days, doctors said.

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