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Book and Educational Equipment JSC in Ho Chi Minh city announces the Board Resolution approved on 20/03/2012 as follows:

- Revenue: VND219,473,209,033

- Profit before tax: VND12,814,376,759

- Reduced income tax to supplement the Production Development Fund: VND960,445,202

- Profit after tax: VND10,951,267,127, of which:

Retained earnings of 2010: VND14,771,820

2011 profit for distribution: VND 10,936,495,307, including:

+ Reserve fund for capital supplement: VND 498,802,505

+ Production Development Fund: VND960,445,202

+ Financial reserve fund: VND 498,802,505

+ Bonus and welfare fund: VND 997,605,011

+ Fund for Management Board: VND 498,802,505

+ Dividend payment 2011: VND 6,995,339,000

+ Retained earnings: VND 501,470,399

- Revenue: VND215billion

- Profit before tax: VND13billion

- Dividend payment 2012: 15%/per value

3. Dividend payment 2011: 13% (VND1,300 per share)

4. Remuneration for the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Secretaries in 2011: VND 450,300,000 (4% of Profit after tax).

Remuneration for the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Secretaries in 2012 is the same as in 2011.

5. Selecting Auditor for 2012:

-Auditing and Accounting Company Limited AAC (Head Office: 217 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Da Nang) is selected to be the auditor for the company in 2012

6. Chair of the Board also holds General Manager position

7. Unit salary price in 2012 is the same as in 2011: VND 60/ VND 100 of profit before tax.

8. Electing the BOD and Supervisory Board for term 2012 – 2015.

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