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Doctor re-attaches man's severed hand

Doctor re-attaches man's severed hand

The severed hand of a 42-year-old man was re-attached following successful surgery at Thong Nhat General Hospital last Friday.

The patient was sent to the hospital with his left hand cut off after a working accident.

Head of the hospital's Trauma and Orthopaedics Department Nguyen Tuong Quang said that the patient's health developed well and that he could move his fingers and his hand's skin returned to ruddy.

Vietnam Airlines plane experiences tire puncture while landing

A Vietnam Airlines plane’s tire was punctured as it tried to land at Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat airport last Sunday evening.

At 5.49pm, Flight VN503 departing from Guangzhou, carrying 136 passengers and 8 crew landed on the runway but did not stop until it had passed 50m from the end of the touchdown zone.

According to airport information, the runway was slippery due to heavy rain and a tire of the plane was blown off as the pilot was braking hard.

Vietnam Airlines said their crew carried out safety measures and managed to land at the end of the runway.

After the plane had stopped, Vietnam Airlines took more than an hour to repair and replace the tire at the site before they towed the jet back to the factory for technical tests.

The plane that encountered the problem was an Airbus A321-231, manufactured in February 2007 and in operation since. The plane’s last periodical maintenance was on April 27 this year.

Fire destroys ink making factory

A large fire reduced the 700sq m Tan Dong Duong ink production workshop to ashes yesterday in the Bien Hoa Industrial Park of Dong Nai province.

The fire began in the company's warehouse at noon and rapidly spread to the chemical plastic area. Seven fire trucks and 50 fire-fighters were sent to the scene and stamped out the fire after more than three hours.

No human fatality was reported and appropriate authorities are investigating the causes of the fire.

Another fire burnt down 2,000sq.m of the Tong-Ly Company's workshop and office in Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province on Saturday.

Schoolgirl wildly beats policeman

A 22-year-old schoolgirl clawed at and punched a mobile policeman in the face, forcing him to fall to the ground in order for her boyfriend, who had violated traffic laws, to flee.

The assault occurred at the T-junction of Truong Dinh and Giai Phong Street in Hanoi’s Hoang Mai District at 12:30 am on May 7.

At the time, local police found a couple driving a motorbike without helmets and transporting two ‘suspicious black plastic bags, so the police signaled for them to stop.

But, upon seeing the police officers, the man sped away, prompting the policemen to chase after him street by street. The violator was finally pulled up on Kim Dong Street.

When the police ordered the couple to show their papers, they refused to cooperate, accusing the officers of being ‘fake’ police. The couple even claimed later that they were beaten by them.

To cope with the recalcitrant violators, the policemen asked for assistance from 113 mobile police forces. Upon the 113 policemen’s arrival, the girl suddenly pushed Nguyen Thanh Sang, a police man who was keeping order at the scene, to the ground.

But it did not stop there. More ferociously, the girl tugged Sang’s T-shirt hard and punched him in the face. She verbally abused the police officers constantly. Taking advantage of the disorder, her boyfriend fled.

More than one hour later, the young man returned and the couple continued to insult the law enforcement officers.

The girl was later identified as Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien, 22, who is currently studying at Thang Long University while her boyfriend is Tran Duc Thanh, 25, a student at Mo University. They were taken to Hoang Mai district’s police station that night for further questioning.

Sang was reported to be bleeding from the lower lip and gums and has been given medical care. He also suffered deep psychological wounds.

Seven boatmen saved in Phu Yen Province

Representatives of Phu Yen Province visited and delivered gifts to the seven foreign boatmen who were saved on May 4.

All boatmen were sent mainland to Tuy Hoa City and provided with food and accommodation in accordance with their customs and beliefs before proceeding to their home countries.

Seven boatmen, including two Bangladeshis; two Malaysian and three Indonesian, were attacked and robbed of their boats and property by pirates on April 17.

Southern police unearth illegal gas trading ring

Following the discovery of illegal cooking gas extraction in the southern province of Dong Nai, the provincial economic police (PC46) announced on Saturday that they have unearthed a large-scale illegal gas trading racket.

“There’s now enough ground to confirm that the Gas Viet Co Ltd run by 48-year-old Dang Gia Tuong is operating a ring to illegally extract and trade cooking gas with modern technology,” PC46 said following a raid into the company’s facility.

Though having a license to trade gas, Gas Viet has established a system of tanks to illicitly extract gas at large scale, police said.

PC46 has confiscated eight machines used to extract gas, 230 filled and 385 empty cylinders, and thousands of seals, anti-counterfeit stamps, and labels of well-known brand names such as NT gas, V-gas, VT gas, Saigon Petro, or Petro gas.

Police also found labels of popular gas brands in five trucks that carried empty cylinders to fill at Gas Viet Co.

The truck drivers confessed that after being filled with gas from Gas Viet, there are some people in charge of placing the fake labels on the cylinders to dupe consumers.

At the house of Tuong in Bien Hoa City, police also found and seized 200 gas cylinders, 1,100 seals, and 100 anti-counterfeit stamps.

The officers went on to raid the warehouse of LPG CO Ltd in Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, and the house of its director Nguyen Xuan Nam, and also seized a number of similar items.

“The cylinders were first imported via HCMC-based Cat Lai seaport, and sold to illicit gas extractors later,” Nam’s wife confessed to police.

Dirt cheap prices

Dong Nai Police said its force also conducted another raid into the extracting facility of gas trader Xuan Hang on May 4 while the inspection into Gas Viet Co progressed.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, 35, owner of the facility, failed to show any license for gas trading.

Police thus seized a tank truck that was delivering 10 tons of gas into the facility, and four other trucks, together with 145 filled and 616 empty cylinders.

The facility currently has six workers, who extract 300-1,000 cylinders, and place fake labels of well-known brand names on the products before sending them to the market, Hai told police.

“The products are sold at only VND280,000 a cylinder to small dealers, who will then sell to consumers at up to VND400,000 a 12-kg cylinder,” said Hai.

PC46 has detained 28 relevant individuals, and are waiting for the test results on the 20 tons of gas seized to detect their quality and trace their origin.

Indian warship to visit Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore

India plans to send four warships to conduct a long journey from the Strait of Malacca through the East Sea to Japan next week.

According to the Malaysia National News Agency, Bernama, the warships commanded by Admiral P.Ajit Kumar, will visit Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.

The visit aims to reinforce security and ensure stability on theIndian Ocean through joining with other forces of powers inside and outside the region.

3 Filipinos caught with 13.7 kg of drugs in Hanoi

Three Filipino women have been arrested at Hanoi’s Noi Bai international airport as they tried to smuggle in 13.7kg of drugs worth about VND30 billion ($1.44 million), the customs officials said.

They were Amodia Tiresita Palacio, 61, Santos Nelia Rongavilla 50, and Javier Engarcia Ebalany, 50, according to Cong An Nhan Dan (People’s Public Security) newspaper.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Ba Tuan, a senior official at the airport, said the trio aboard a flight from Bangkok arrived in Hanoi in late April with an incredulous and doubtful expression on their faces.

Afterwards, the customs officers found the big amount of drugs packed in yellow plastic bags hidden at the bottom of their luggage to dodge the security cameras.

Amodia Tiresita Palacio told investigators that she was hired by an African man to smuggle the drugs into Vietnam and would receive as much as US$3,000 for each successful delivery.


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