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Workers’ income up 19.6 percent in 2011

A survey by the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs shows that Vietnamese workers’ average monthly salary reached 3.84 million VND last year, an increase of 19.6 percent against the previous year.

Workers in wholly State-owned companies enjoyed the highest average salary of 4.4 million VND. They were followed by those working in FDI businesses with 3.88 million VND. Workers in private enterprises earned the least with 3.3 million VND.

According to the survey, the finance, banking and insurance sectors took the lead with an average salary of 5.6 million VND while the lowest average salaries were seen in agroforestry, seafood, mining and manufacturing sectors.

Workers who work in mines and pits had the highest income of over 10 million VND per month./.

No avian flu reported in Hanoi since VAHIP

No cases of avian flu have been reported in Hanoi since 2007 when the city began implementing the Vietnam Avian & Human Influenza Control & Preparedness Project (VAHIP).

The project, sponsored by the Vietnamese Government, a Japanese fund, and the International Development Association, aims to improve monitoring capacity and readiness to cope with an avian flu epidemic. It also focuses on communication for changing behaviors in communities and building pilot epidemic prevention models at district medical centres.

The VAHIP has helped Hanoi contain the A/H5N1 virus at its roots and deal quickly with infections in poultry and humans to avoid a major epidemic.

Nearly 45,000 accidents in 2011

The National Traffic Safety Committee reports that 44,548 accidents occurred in 2011, killing 11,395 people and injuring 48,734.

Compared with 2010, traffic accidents declined in both the number of cases and in the resulting fatalities and injuries.

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, 2011 saw the registration of an additional 35,800 cars and motorbikes, which puts more pressure on efforts to ensure traffic safety and ease traffic congestion in big cities.

Vietnamese crewman discharged from hospital

Nguyen Chi Cong, a crewman on board the Jeong Woo 2, the Korean ship that caught fire in the Ross Sea 3,700km southeast of New Zealand, was discharged from the Christchurch hospital in New Zealand on January 21.

His two colleagues, Tran Van Sy and Tran Van Ngoan, are still undergoing treatment at the hospital and will be discharged soon.

Sixteen other Vietnamese crewmembers are now aboard the Korean RV Araon icebreaker, which is scheduled to dock at Lyttleon, near Christchurch, on January 25.

The Vietnamese embassy in New Zealand will send staff members to support them in the necessary procedures to facilitate their return to their homeland as soon as possible.

The Jeong Woo 2 has stopped burning now but it has sunk and trapped in a huge iceberg. The search for the three remaining Vietnamese sailors will resume once the weather improves.

ODA management project approved

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved a project to attract, manage and utilize official development assistance (ODA) and other preferential loans from donors in the 2011-2015 period.

Project costs will be paid through the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s estimated budget according to the State Budget Law.

The project illustrates the Vietnamese Government’s efforts to comprehensively define Party and State guidelines and policies for attracting, managing and using ODA and other preferential loans in the country's new context as a middle-income developing nation.

The three-part project includes creating policies for revamping institutions, and managing and implementing activities related to attracting and disbursing ODA and preferential loans, aiming to increase the effectiveness of these capital sources to support the national five-year strategy for 2011-2015 and the ten-year socio-economic development strategy for 2011-2020.

Foreign NGOs renew commitment to Vietnam

The foreign non-governmental organisation (NGO) community in Vietnam pledges to continue working together with the country in its national development, said an NGO official.

Marko Lovrekovic, Managing Co-Director of the NGO Resource Centre, made this pledge at a meeting of foreign NGOs in Vietnam in Hanoi on January 19, on the occasion of the traditional New Year festival.

Lovrekovic expressed his belief that the partnership between Vietnam and NGOs will continue to expand in the future.

He said the NGO Resource Centre has been assisting the foreign NGO community in Vietnam in every field, including healthcare, agriculture, education, climate change and overcoming the aftermath of war.

The President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations, Vu Xuan Hong, affirmed that Vietnam always receives effective assistance, support and cooperation from the international community, foreign countries and NGOs.

Foreign NGOs aid has contributed to Vietnam’s efforts to heal war wounds, reduce poverty, develop its socio-economy and protect the environment.

Overseas Vietnamese contemplate about Tet

The traditional Lunar New Year festival (Tet) is of great significance to every Vietnamese. Those who live far away from home are filled with nostalgia and high hopes for the strong development of the homeland in the near future.

Overseas Vietnamese associate Tet with family reunions, colorful flower markets, home decoration and preparation of meals to worship the ancestors. It’s a common practice that thousands of Vietnamese from all over the world like to return home to enjoy the Tet atmosphere.

Although the New Year feast is abundant, the unique traditional Vietnamese nuance can’t be found overseas. Nguyen Thi Thai has been living in Germany for 10 years and Tet is very special for her. She decorates her house in the Vietnamese customs with peach blossoms, prepares a tray of five fruits, the square-shaped sticky rice cakes called Banh Chung, stewed pork and pickled onions.

“Tet in the homeland is full of warm sentiment. Although life in a foreign country is more civilized, it’s incomparable to Vietnamese traditional culture. I get a special feeling when listening to the President’s address on the threshold of the new-year. I feel as if there’s a sacred bond between me and my homeland,” Thai says.

Chau Soyari of the Khmer ethnic minority in An Giang province is spending her first Tet away from home. She is studying teaching in Hawaii. Spring reminds her of the fragrance of paddies, chilly mountains, a charcoal fire cooking square sticky rice cakes.

She says this is the first time she will welcome the Lunar New Year far away from Vietnam. Deep in her mind is the image of An Giang. After graduation, she will return home to work with all her might for the homeland.

As the New Year approaches, Overseas Vietnamese hope the homeland will continue to achieve greater successes and its prestige will rise worldwide. Nguyen Duc Khuong, lecturer of finance at Paris Academy of Trade and Chairman of the Vietnamese Association of Scientists and Experts in France, says “it is the pride and joy of every Vietnamese to help turn Vietnam into a powerhouse.”

“Vietnam is not just a place in Southeast Asia, but a symbol for Vietnamese unity all over the world,” Khuong says.

A new spring has come to Vietnam and every Vietnamese is burning with love and nostalgia.

Hanoi woman spends $1,000 to beat Korean men

A 25-year-old woman in Hanoi has been arrested for hiring thugs to beat up two South Korean male colleagues.

Doan Thi Lieu paid two local men VND20 million (US$1,000) to teach Yi Won Gun and Kim Jun Ho a lesson.

Both the hired attackers and Lieu have been arrested.

According to An Ninh Thu Do, Lieu works in the human resources department at Doo Jung, a 100%-invested South Korean company in Hanoi where she has certain conflicts with the two colleagues.

At 10:30pm on October 20 last year, when the two Korean men came on a taxi to Yen Nghia ward, Ha Dong district, the hired attackers approached. They pulled the Korean men out of the taxi, used bricks and rocks to hit them, causing them certain injuries.

Police are investigating.

New Year greetings to Overseas Vietnamese

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has extended his best wishes to Vietnamese people in Canada and in the world on the occasion of Vietnam ’s Lunar New Year festival.

In his message delivered on Jan. 20, the Canadian leader expressed his hope that the Vietnamese will promote last year’s achievements as well as turn all wishes into reality in the new year.

The Prime Minister also encouraged Canadian people to join in OV’s New Year activities in order to understand more about Vietnamese culture.

There are now about 260,000 Overseas Vietnamese living in Canada .

Also on Jan. 20, the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan held a ceremony to welcome the Lunar New Year of Vietnam.

Participants included Japan ’s former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku, President of Vietnam-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Alliance Tsutomu Takebe and representatives of Japanese organisations and businesses, as well as Vietnamese people in Japan .

Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Doan Xuan Hung expressed delight at the positive results of Vietnam-Japan political, diplomatic, economic and educational cooperation, affirming that the embassy will do its utmost to develop the two countries’ cooperation.

New Year greeting ceremonies were also held in France , the US , Russia and India.

Siemens makes big donation to university

Siemens handed over a demonstration equipment for training purposes with a total value of US$22,000 to Ha Noi University of Industry (HAUI) earlier this week to help the university set up a European standardised training room.

Woman detained for murder of three men

A 31-year-old woman from the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang was arrested yesterday for the alleged murder of three men.

Hoang Thi Tien, a Tay in Hoang Su Phi District, admitted that she poisoned her husband and his two friends by putting la ngon (Gelsemium elegans leaves) in their wine on December 29.

During questioning, Tien said her husband often got drunk and hit her. She was also found to be involved in an extramarital relationship with another man in the same district.

Son burns paralyzed dad to death

Nguyen Huynh Dao, 62 was burnt to death by his own 28-year-old son at 11am today (Friday) in Ho Chi Minh City.

The chair on which he was sitting was reduced to skeletal frame inside the house at address 62B/3B, An Phu Tay Commune, Binh Chanh District.

Nguyen Duc Tho, the youngest son of the victim, has been arrested.

Third son Nguyen Thanh Hiep said that due to some conflicts, their father had evicted Tho from home.

Tho had to live outside a pagoda 300 meters away from the house.

Tho is suffering from the last stage of diabetes and many times came home to ask for money but the father refused, the third son added.

When Tho’s mother Van Thi Hue was away today, Tho brought a can of petrol and poured it on his father who was sitting on a chair. He then set both chair and father on fire.

The victim was suffering from half-body paralysis and had difficulty walking.

After killing his father, Tho rushed outside the house, crying aloud “Inform the police, I have burned the old man”.

Local police sealed the area for investigation and arrested Tho.

Airport customs staff seize undeclared cash

A Chinese passenger was found carrying the undeclared sum of US$45,000 while going through boarding procedures for a flight to Guangzhou at Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCM City earlier this week.

Customs staff at the airport temporarily confiscated $40,000, letting him keep $5000, and reported the case to the city's Customs Department according to regulations.-
Amnesty granted to prisoners for Tet

The central province of Quang Tri granted amnesty to 50 prisoners on Thursday on the occasion of the Tet holiday.

The province also reduced the sentences of 220 other prisoners by up to a year.-

Former 82-kg tumor patient wants to repair phones

A physical therapist of FV hospital daily visits Da Lat native man Nguyen Duy Hai, who had his 82kg tumor successfully removed two weeks ago, to help him move his remaining leg that he did not use for the past 4 years.

A machine is used to help Hai move. Hai is instructed to stretch and curl his hamstring on a regular basis to promote blood flow in his left leg.

Anesthesiologist Dao Thi My Van, who participated in Hai’s surgery led by American surgeon McKay McKinnon, said his condition is stable and Hai is getting better. All of his organs are functioning properly; his pain has subsided; and his fever is gone.

“I feel 70 percent better than the time I was treated in the intensive care (ICU) room after the surgery,” Hai told Tuoitrenews.

“Now it’s a good time for me to think about the future. I would register for a vocational course in my hometown to study how to repair cell phones to earn a living by myself so that I would not depend on my mom anymore,” he said with a radiant smile.

Van told us FV hospital is helping Hai do regular physical therapy exercises in order to rehabilitate his left leg that has been suffering from muscle weakness.

The hospital is no longer administering him antibiotics, she added.

“In my 20-year career, I have never anaesthetized a massive tumor like Hai’s. But, I am lucky to work with Dr. McKinnon during the surgery and have acquired a lot of precious experience from him,” Van said, adding FV’s anesthesiologists are more and more confident about their skills.

On January 5, Hai has been successfully operated on for his 82kg tumor after a grueling 12-hour long surgery at HCMC-based FV hospital.

All anesthesiologists participating in Hai’s surgery are Vietnamese.

The surgery team included five of FV hospital's anesthesiologists, McKay McKinnon (the main surgeon), and three surgeons of FV including Dr. Phan Van Thai, Dr. Le Duc Tuan, and Dr. Nguyen Quoc Thai.

13 injured when bus plunges into gully

A 52-seat bus plunged 30 metres into a gully in Lo Xo pass in the Central Highlands' Kon Tum Province's Dakglei District when its brakes failed on Thursday.

The accident left 13 passengers injured, one of them critically.

The bus was carrying 49 passengers who were returning to their homes in the central provinces to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Local police helped the uninjured passengers secure seats on other buses for their return home.-

Elderly farmers sit back to enjoy a happy holiday

Hundreds of farmers in Ha Noi's outlying district of Thanh Oai are enjoying a comfortable Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday with the retirement pension they began receiving this month.

Nguyen Nhu Ton, 70, and his wife Nguyen Thi Nen, 67, of Bach Nao Hamlet in the district's Thanh Van Commune received a pension of VND300,000 (US$14) each thanks to an insurance scheme under which they paid a monthly premium of VND20,000 ($1) for 20 years.

"This year I have some money to purchase Tet gifts for my grandsons and granddaughters," Ton said.

A 74-year-old woman To Minh Thuy from the commune's Uc Ly Hamlet was so happy that she burst into tears as she received her retirement pension for the first time.

Her son paid an insurance premium of VND4.8 million ($228) and now she can enjoy VND300,000 ($14) per month until the day she dies.

As of April 2011, the insurance scheme for farmers had attracted the participation of 264 local residents, said Quang Van Tinh, Secretary of the commune's Party Committee.

From the beginning of 2012, 196 farmers of 60 years old and above received the first month of retirement pension from the scheme, Tinh said.

By the end of 2011, an additional of 1,056 local residents in the commune had joined the scheme, according to Tran Van Tuan, chairman of the commune's People's Committee.

More and more local residents have realised the benefits of the insurance scheme and registered to join after it started paying the retirement pension to participating farmers, Tuan said.

Almost all elderly people in the commune have joined the scheme, he said.

The insurance fund, which has so far reached nearly VND39 billion ($1.8 billion), is being kept as savings in the bank, he said, adding that the interest was being used to pay the pension for eligible farmers.

The commune People's Committee targets attracting 70 per cent of working age people to join the insurance scheme by 2013.

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