SGD: Notice of share repurchase for Treasury stock

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Education Book JSC Hochiminh City (HNX:SGD) announced the notice of share repurchase for Treasury stock as follows:

1. Name of issuer: Education Book JSC Hochiminh city

2. Charter capital: 41,370,000,000

3. Stock code : SGD

4. Par value: VND10,000/share

5. Securities type: Common stock

6. Number of treasury shares held by the company before transaction: 300,000 shares

7. Number of shares to be repurchased: 113,700 shares

8. Purpose: For Treasury Stock

9. Resource for repurchase: Fund of Investment and Development

10. Tender price: market price

11. Expected Start date of transaction: 10/01/2012

12. Expected End date of transaction: 09/04/2012

13. Trading method: continuous orders matching

14. Authorized securities company: Vietcombank Securities Co., Ltd.

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