SBT: Explanation for business result in Quarter 1.2011

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Socíeté De Bourbon Tay Ninh (HOSE: SBT) explained the fluctuation in business result in Quarter 1/2011 compared to Quarter 1/2010:

- Profit after tax in Quarter 1/2011 increased 141.81% from the same of 2010 because main reasons as follows:

+ The selling quantity increased 133.42% although the average selling price just rose 14% from the same period of the prior year.

+ The production of sugar-cane in the crop of 2010-2011 increased and hit 15-year high since the factory was established. The Company has tried to salvage the maximum capacity of the factory and control production and administrative expenses, so the cost of goods sold just increased 3% compared to Quarter 1/2010.

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