Rubella infected spreads among school children in Ha Giang

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Rubella infection has been reported in all 11 districts of the northern-most province of Ha Giang with 286 cases confirmed, the province's general hospital said yesterday.


Most of the cases were among high school students.

Doctor Nguyen Van Nghia, head of the Infection Department of Ha Giang Province's General Hospital said the department was overloaded with an average 25-30 cases a day passed on from district health centres.

On April 16, five students of two primary schools in Ha Giang City were admitted to the department with body rash, high temperature, nose mucus and lethargy, Nghia said.

After being tested, doctors announced all were infected by rubella, also known as German measles, which is a disease caused by the rubella virus

The situation has called for urgent measures from provincial authorities and relevant offices to prevent the disease spreading and new outbreaks.

The disease can last one to three days. Children recover more quickly than adults. Infection of the mother during pregnancy is serious as it can cause birth defects including deafness.


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