Rockslide kills 6 in van

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Rockslide kills 6 in van

Six people were killed and two others were injured in a rockslide at Cam Mountain, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province on the morning of May 5.

The accident occurred at 8:10 am when many large rocks suddenly fell from the mountain, crushing an 8-seater van that was carrying 7 passengers down the mountain.

Four passengers and the van's driver died on the spot, while three other passengers were seriously injured.

One of the injured died on the way to the Chau Doc General Hospital, while the two others, Pham Minh Tam (age 40), and Nguyen Van Du (37) are being treated at the hospital.

Some other vehicles driving behind the van were able to stop in time before entering the dangerous area.

Local police came to the scene to handle the accident and prevent vehicles and people from entering the area.

The seven passengers, who came from Chau Thanh District in the southern province of Tien Giang, had visited a pagoda on the mountain before the accident occurred.

The dead victims include Truong Hoai Tam, 29 (the driver), Vo Hoai Phuong (40), Nguyen Van Nhe (32), Tran Van Leo (32), Nguyen Van Nga (50), and Nguyen Van Linh (32).

Below are some photos of the accident:



Many large rocks crushed the van carrying 7 passengers


The way leading to the top of the Cam Mountain


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daviddung2015 69 month(s) ago Feedback
tôi chia buồn cho các gia đình nạn nhân! Cuộc sống thật là ngắn ngủi, dù sao cũng không được sống gấp, cống hiến cho cuộc đời nha............. :((
10:04 AM in HN Capital, Vietnam.
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