Restaurants go green in Vietnam

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Restaurants go green in Vietnam

WWF’s volunteers at a restaurant.

VietNamNet Bridge – Don’t eat endangered animals and don’t serve them either – that’s the message from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as it announces its Green Restaurant launch.

Restaurants joining the campaign have promised not to serve food made of animals facing extinction.

It’s part of WWF and TRAFFIC’s project called “A Matter of Attitude - Reducing Consumption of Wildlife Products”, funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

Restaurants participating in the campaign will not only not sell products processed from wild animals that are protected by Vietnamese laws but will also provide customers with updated information about wildlife preservation in Vietnam.

The list of these restaurants will be published on the websites of WWF and other sites of government agencies and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam.

Three travel firms in Vietnam – Intrepid, Buffalo Tours and I-Travel, have become members of this campaign by encouraging their customers to choose “green restaurants” and post a list of on their websites.

Over 30 volunteers who are students in Hanoi helped WWF implement this campaign. They visited restaurants in six inner districts of Hanoi to introduce the green restaurant campaign.

The green restaurant campaign’s website supplies information about wild animals that are often traded and facing extinction in Vietnam and instructs readers on what to do if they witness the trade or hunting of wild animals.

Through such campaigns, the WWF hopes that Vietnamese people will think of the threats to the environment whenever they make purchases.


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