Resettled Hanoi communities face continued hardship

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Resettled Hanoi communities face continued hardship

The lives and livelihoods of people living in resettlement areas have been severely affected by difficulties caused by substandard buildings and a lack of services.

Dong Tau resettlement area

The difficulties were highlighted in a report presented to the National Assembly’s Petitions Committee by Hanoi authorities.

After the administrative boundary expansion in 2008, Hanoi had over 1,000 projects that required ground clearance. The projects absorbed about 13,000 hectares from more than 200,000 organisations and households. Some 11,000 houses are currently being used by resettled communities. However, many resettlement projects have been delayed or unable to start.

In the report, the local authorities said that the resettled communities had almost no entertainment or environment services. Proper educational facilities are also missing that forced students travel into the city to study which contributed to increased congestion.

To compound the issue much of the housing stock has been deemed substandard, with little management and inadequate maintenance.

Land-use right certificates and a lack of electricity and water supplies have also plagued the new areas. Even cultivated land, the main source of income for relocated families have been reduced or withdrawn.

Hanoi’s authorities concluded that the reasons for the problems were deficiencies in the investment mechanism, with the pace of infrastructure construction being much slower than the home construction'. Another reason has been the long and inefficient administrative procedures which delay the granting of land-use rights and school transfers.

To overcome the problems, Hanoi authorities proposed to build resettlement areas in good locations and change the policies in favour of resettled families. People would gradually be allowed to choose which resettlement areas they would want to be relocated in.

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