Reinvestigation confirms suspect’s confession

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Reinvestigation confirms suspect’s confession

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Tran Thuy Lieu at her husband's funeral Photo: Tuoi Tre
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After 2 re-investigations, the Long An Province People’s Procuracy has issued the 3rd indictment that confirmed a woman’s confession that she killed her husband last January.

According to the 1st indictment which was issued in July, 2011 by the provincial prosecutor’s office, 41-year-old Tran Thuy Lieu was charged with burning her husband Le Hoang Hung to death on January 19, 2011.

Later, the case had to be re-investigated twice at the request of the provincial People’s Court, Lieu’s mother, and the editorial board of Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper where Hung worked as a reporter covering crimes and anti-corruption cases.

Because the investigators didn’t report any new finding, the content of the 3rd indictment was the same as the previous ones, concluding that Lieu acted alone in the murder, Cao Minh Tri, chief of the secretariat of the prosecutor’s office, told the media yesterday.

This final conclusion means that the allegation that Nguyen Van Tam, Lieu’s lover and former head of a market management team in the province, had helped her in the murder was false.

As requested by the court, the investigators had re-examined all text messages and letters between Lieu and Tam, but found no evidence that suggested Tam’s involvement in the case, Tri said.


Le Hoang Hung, who died on January 29, 2011 when he was 50 (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

The investigators also re-examined Hung’s testimonies before his death but found nothing that could lead to any change to the indictment.

Talking with Tuoi Tre, an official of the provincial People’s Court said the court had assigned a judge to re-examine the case file before it could decide whether to bring the case to trial or carry out one more probe.

According to the case file, since mid 2010, Lieu and Hung had many arguments over money and the fact that Lieu often gambled in Cambodia and had an affair.

On January 19, 2011, Lieu set her husband on fire when he was sleeping in their house in Long An’s Tan An Town. Lieu later pretended to extinguish the fire and rushed him to hospital.

Hung died 10 days later.

Lieu, who turned herself to the police on February 20 last year, told the investigators that she had wanted to burn him just as a warning, since he often beat her because of her debts and gambling habit.

She also said nobody had helped her in the burning.

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