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Pick up the latest Vietweek issue at only VND6,800 for the full stories. Vietweekis published every Friday.

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April 13-19, 2012


Beacon of hope

One man’s recovery after removal of 82-kilogram tumor holds out fresh promise for others in similar predicament

Money talks

Greasing palms is so ‘normal’ it’s not even seen as corruption, survey finds

Unnaturally yours

Vietnam fails to reap environmental, health and market benefits of organic farming

‘Dirty’ gold

Government monopoly could push trading in bullion to the black market

Monkey’s uncle

Endangered langurs on Heo Island get a Canadian expat benefactor

Bad thing worse

False diagnoses compound the problems caused by hand, foot and mouth disease

License to kill

Big Tobacco influence feeds smoking habit, exposing two-thirds of Vietnamese population to danger

Never too late

Jazz diva holds first solo concert 48 years after she began singing in public


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