Quang Tri to host workshop on Road No9-Southern Laos campaign

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(VOV) - The Ministry of National Defence and the central province of Quang Tri will jointly organise a workshop on November 29-30 to depict the victory of the Road No9-Southern Laos campaign 40 years ago.

Representatives of the Vietnamese and Lao people’s armies and relevant agencies will deliver about 70 speeches, highlighting the magnitude, significance and historic lessons learnt from the victory, said Col. Ho Khang, deputy director of the Vietnam Military History Museum, at a press briefing in Hanoi on November 22.

The speakers will make an in-depth analysis of Vietnam’s military tactics and solidarity of the special combat alliance between Vietnam and Laos during the campaign.

The workshop will honour heroes and martyrs who fought and sacrificed their lives for the cause of national liberation. New documents and evidence of the historic campaign will also be unveiled at the event.

In 1971, the Party Central Committee and the Political Bureau decided to launch the Road No9-Southern Laos campaign to safeguard the Ho Chi Minh Trail (running along the Truong Son Mountain Range) at any cost to transport necessities from the north to the south during the resistance war against the US.

With support from the Lao people and army, the campaign ended in victory, helping defeat the US’s war escalation scheme in Indochina.

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