[Quang Liem's Blog] For the bamboo sprouts to grow up

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[Quang Liem's Blog] For the bamboo sprouts to grow up

In my personal opinion, in order for a young talent to reach the high-achievement level, there are three crucial factors: training methodology, practice environment, and the athletes’ self-effort.

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In Vietnam, almost every locality organizes amateur sporting events for players of all ages. Once a young talent is discovered, he or she will be recruited to the ward’s, district’s, or city’s sporting squads. However, this is only the very first step for the players, and whether or not these young athletes are able to fly to the peak within the next five or ten years remains to be seen. Moreover, who can predict how long the prime time of these players is expected to last?

After experiencing many international training sessions and tournaments, we chess players have all realized that we still lack certain basic knowledge, something our international counterparts have been trained in right from the very start of their career.

Such a lack of knowledge has left a huge gap in professional training, which can hinder the athletes’ development should it not be filled in time. This is possibly the reason why many Vietnamese players fail to approach the professional level of international sports, despite a huge number of trophies they gained at young age.

These players, thus, could not leap further and their peak times were quite short.

So what counts here? Is it because we have been integrating with the international sport for only 30 years, so we still remain novices in certain sports? As a result, many training systems have been repeatedly adjusted.

Of course, an adequate training system is not something that can be developed overnight. The roadmap should start at upgrading the coaching force. Each coach should be in charge of a certain task at a particular level, and no one should step onto the work of the other.

When international coaches take up work in Vietnam, it is not only the local athletes who can learn from them, but our coaches can also gain experience from countries with a developed sport industry. This is the gray matter that we should not waste, especially when we have to buy it in foreign currencies!

In addition, cooperation between coaches and athletes also plays an important role. Should the two manage to see eye to eye, everything will proceed smoothly. In case the athlete is still at a very young age, the coach should have good cooperation with his family to ensure that the athlete can put all of his effort into training.

I myself have been fortunate to have worked with many international and domestic coaches, which has enabled me to combine many schools of playing. My coaches taught me not only chess, but also inspired me and transferred their passion for chess to me.

As athletes who are still pursuing a career, we know that the only way to improve is through relentlessly practicing and competing. It is said in the sporting industry that “talent is just a small part of the cake. What matters is training hard.”

Indeed, talent is like a rough gem, and only through a comprehensive and appropriate training process can it become a splendid jewel.

At the first stage, the athletes may have little difference between their talents, but later they will bear different sweet fruits, depending on their attitude towards training.

So, if an athlete only relies on his talent, he will only be able to reach a certain level of development. Sport is harsh. If you cannot get further, or if you are satisfied with what you have, you are leaving a wide opening for your rivals to surpass you.

Once they choose to follow a sport, each athlete has to try their best, and cannot give up after failures. Luck will not always accompany you, and glory is not something delivered by God.

Everything is the result of hard work, and sometimes you have to sacrifice to wait for the sweet fruit, which does not always come to your expectation.

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