Quality of Party members – a vital question for the Party

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Improving the quality of Party members must be considered carefully with three criteria: admission, practice and removal of ineligible members from the Party.

Stories of Party members, including position-holding members, breaking the law are no longer rare in recent times.

According to Inspection Commissions at all levels, the number of law-breaking Party members in 2011 was 15 percent higher than 2010. It is worth noting that they were mostly involved in smuggling, tax evasion, administrative abuses or violating regulations on implementing the principle of centralized democracy and abiding by the Party’s instructions and resolutions.

The Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee’s Organization Commission, Tran Luu Hai, said during the preparatory process for the fourth Party Central Committee conference, many Party members underlined the need to improve the quality of Party members and considered this an urgent task in Party building.

In fact, evaluating the quality of Party members and Party organizations reveals weaknesses and limitations, as more than a few Party members and cadres evaluated as qualified and fulfilling their tasks have been found breaking the law.

Meanwhile, Party cells including law-breaking Party members are still considered “transparent and powerful” Party cells. Such wrong evaluation is very dangerous for the Party, Mr Hai added.

The former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Nhan Dan (People’s) Newspaper, Duc Luong, said that improving the quality of Party members is a must and that Party admission and Party discipline needs to be taken into full consideration.

Party admission must be done strictly in line with Party rules to ensure the motivation of those who want to join the Party. Every Party member needs to constantly practice themselves and make sacrifices for the homeland without claiming their own interests. Those who are disciplined by the Party must be duly dealt with by the administration, Mr Luong stressed.

A strong Party means its cells must be strong, and a strong Party cell needs qualified Party members, said Prof. Dr. Vu Van Phuc, Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review.

To reach that goal, Mr Phuc said it is essential to improve the quality of Party members and the quality of Party cells’ operations in order to withdraw lessons of theoretical work and practical reality to enhance the leadership role of Party organizations.

On the other hand, Party committees at higher levels need to pay due attention to developing a contingent of Party members and performing well the Party inspection.

When he was alive, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed, “The Party is formed by Party members and all of its work is done by Party members. All Party resolutions demand full compliance from Party members. All Party policies are brought to the masses by Party members. All Party slogans and plans are implemented by Party members.”

Building a transparent and strong contingent of Party members is an urgent task for the whole Party and people in the context of the country accelerating the process of national industrialization and modernization towards the goal of rich people living in a strong, democratic, equitable and civilized country.

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