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A ceremony to commemorate the 80th Communist Party of Viet Nam's Publicity and Education Day took place at the capital's Opera House yesterday.


National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, who also a Politburo member, presented a banner to the Party Central Committee's Publicity and Education Commission in celebration of the occasion.

The banner included the line: "loyalty, solidarity, activity, creativity and efficiency for national construction and defence".

Speaking at the ceremony, Trong praised the publicity and education sector and its staff for the great achievements they had made over the past 80 years and said they were praiseworthy.

He affirmed the extremely important role of sector in all of the Party's revolutionary and country-building activities.

As part of the Party building work, the publicity and education sector had contributed to creating a system of viewpoints, platforms and political lines for the Viet Nam revolution, Trong said.

In addition to providing education and training on morality and discipline, and instilling an iron-like spirit among Communists and patriots, the sector had also helped create great solidarity, strength and unity in the Party while creating a close attachment to the people.

Trong said the sector had also played an important role in criticising and rejecting wrong viewpoints , and defeating hostile forces.

He called on the sector to conduct more research, summarise lessons from experiences, creatively apply its work and continue to develop in the current conditions.

Trong also reminded the sector to renew its contents and methods to boost quality and efficiency in all areas in order to contribute to the successful implementation of the country's revolutionary goals in the time to come.

He said he believed that with the publicity and education sector's sizeable and experienced staff, it would continue to fulfil all of its given duties.

Politburo member and secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of its Publicity and Education Commission To Huy Rua delivered a speech reviewing the history of the commission in the past 80 years.

He said the commission had always held an important leading role in the Party's leadership activities.

It had made gigantic development steps, contributed to the renewal in thinking, and lifted people's spirit and encourage their will and creativity to better and more efficiently serve nation building and defence, Rua added.

Rua's speech also focused on some key lessons, such as being consistent with fundamental principles as a decisive factor in ensuring the right direction of the publicity and education sector.

He also stressed the publicity and education sector must be comprehensively renewed to meet the country's new development demands. — VNS

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